Dhaani Episode 10 – Interesting Planning & Plotting!

Ohkay so, this episode of Dhaani was interesting. Things are moving forward at a decent pace & I like how the situations keep on changing with every single episode. It just gives us an insight into all the characters in a very unique manner & tells us how family members stick by each others side in the times of need.

Dhaani, Raja & Shaani are wise but immature in a very admirable way. Even though they understand how Kaleem’s mind works & how rigid he is, they still snatch some moments of glory & score a big win in their favor. This episode revolved around the proposal predicament that was presented in front of Dhaani. It is so obvious that she has fallen for Sameer & that is why she is now going to do everything to be by his side, even if it means deceiving innocent Bee Jee or innocent people who show interest in her.

Dhaani took the matter in her hands & she decided to do everything she can to prevent Amjad Ali from showing up at her doorstep to seek her proposal from Kaleem. She started off by fooling Bee Jee once again by fabricating a lie but the more interesting thing that she did was how she partnered with Raja & asked for his help too. It is so amazing that Dhaani & Raja have this level of understanding where Dhaani knows that if there’s one person who will cross a river for her, it is Raja. Where Dhaani had her ulterior motive that Raja is unaware of, Raja also had an ulterior motive of helping Dhaani that she is unaware of as well. Raja actually got happy the moment he found out that Dhaani didn’t want to get married, because he thought that he stands a chance in Dhaani’s life now but little does he know that she is doing everything for Sameer.

I know in dramas where they have a love triangle, the writers focus more on showing the happy ending of a girl & the nicest guy who loves her ends up backing out just for the sake of happiness of the girl he loves. I have a feeling that may be Raja will back out too once he will find out about Dhaani & Sameer but after seeing both the guys & despite knowing that this won’t be happening, I am rooting for Raja & Dhaani because he genuinely is a nice guy & Sameer, not that much. I know Dhaani loves him for who he is but in this drama, I would love to see a guy getting a happy ending & not the girl, who has fallen for such a self-absorbed person. I actually thought that as the episodes will progress, I will understand & like Sameer’s character but that hasn’t happened till date & Dhaani clearly overshadows him. I like Raja better than Sameer for Dhaani, that is why I want to see them both ending up together because Raja has loved her & will continue to love her.

Well, Raja fulfilled the duty that Dhaani assigned to him with complete devotion as he knew that this would assure no marriage but the family of Amjad Ali paid no heed to the rumors they heard about her over the telephone & they came to put the proposal forward for Dhaani as they saw Kaleem’s decency & kindness. Dhaani found herself in deep trouble because even though she tried to prevent this from happening stealthily, she had to face Kaleem but luckily for her, even though Amjad’s family didn’t pay attention to the phone call they received, Bee Jee ended up conveying the things she heard from a stranger to Kaleem. I am sure Kaleem won’t ignore what Bee Jee told him because in any case he is trying hard to procrastinate the marriage of his daughters as he is not mentally ready for it & he has seen that ever since this proposal has been initiated, things have gone wrong one after another, so he will have all the reasons to say no to Amjad’s family.

Overall, this episode was quite interesting & I enjoyed watching it. I love the chemistry between Dhaani, Raja & Shaani, I love how they stick together as partners in crime & try to help each other to the best of their abilities, without questioning each other or without asking for explanations. The writer has written the script & the characters quite intelligently & I must say, the director has added a magical touch in this script through his flawless direction. Please share your thoughts about this episode of Dhaani.

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