Dhaani Episode 14 Review – A Little Too Slow!

Ohkay so, this episode of Dhaani was on the slower side too. They are taking their sweet time in showcasing the heartbreak both Dhaani & Sameer are going through. It is somehow good to see that as much as Dhaani is suffering, Sameer is suffering too, but I guess it is time to move forward to the next phase of the story.

All of a sudden, the happy & chirpy young fellows like Dhaani, Shaani & Raja have forgotten how to smile because they all are struggling. Gone are the days when they used to have fun together because where Dhaani is heartbroken, so is Raja & in the middle of this Shaani is struggling too because she is seeing her two closest people in pain. Sameer managed to get a glimpse of Dhaani & he was shocked to see her getting engaged the same day. Obviously, Sameer became a lot more restless but Dhaani thought it was only because his ego was hurt. Dhaani is right in misjudging Sameer as after finding out how she was never in his heart, she hasn’t given a chance to Sameer to explain how much pain & regret he is feeling.

Sameer still hasn’t been able to put a finger on what he feels for Dhaani, that is why he wants to speak to her in a hope that may be she can help him understand his state of mind better. Sameer even went out of the way by arranging a gathering in the Purani Haveli in a hope that he will be able to meet Dhaani & explain things to her but that attempt went in vain. Sameer however did get to speak to Dhaani for a few seconds & I am sure he convinced Dhaani to speak to him at least once showing his eagerness. As much as Dhaani says she doesn’t want to be associated with Sameer, even she wants to know what he has to say & what he is going through because the moment she heard there was an event taking place in Purani Haveli, she grew a little impatient.

In this episode, apart from the heavy stuff, I am glad they have given us some lighthearted moments between Raja & his friends. I enjoy listening to their conversations a lot & it shows how much Raja’s friends love & respect him. Amjad & family got a lot of coverage in this episode too & it seems even Amjad is quite happy with his engagement with Dhaani. Even if Amjad doesn’t say, just like any other guy who gets engaged, he wants to be on talking terms with Dhaani too, that is why he is seen speaking against the restrictions that Kaleem has imposed on his daughters. To be honest, even though it is a done deal that Sameer & Dhaani will end up together, I would hate to see Amjad’s family getting hurt in the middle. Amjad is a decent guy & most probably he will back off or might end up with Shaani, I just hope the entire family doesn’t suffer because of Sameer & Dhaani’s immaturity & irrational decision making.

Overall, this episode didn’t offer much but I hope they take things forward in the episodes to come & end the drama without wasting a lot of time. The actors have done a brilliant job & so have the writer & the director. I like how they add a touch of compassion, respect & honesty among the people of the interior city. Their scenes always bring a smile on my face. The way Kaleem still apologized to the Halwai for Raja’s behavior was quite nice. Also, I think they shouldn’t have shot all the scenes of Sameer & his friend in the dance club, it looks like that have no other place to live. Anyways, please share your thoughts about this episode of Dhaani.

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