Dumpukht- Atish-e-Ishq Episode 14- Two birds, one stone

I don’t think any of us could’ve seen this coming! Hamein gaddi ka bhi soochna hota hai… just when Wali wanted to shine in his moment of manipulating the situation into Habibullah’s favour, Peer Sahab surprised everyone by sharing his wahi– Given the gravity of the situation, it was imperative that the nikah take place but the announcement left Kulsoom in a state of shock and rendered her numb. Tactfully keeping the women at bay, Habibullah did what he needed to do to turn things around.

Akhir ek maa Ki baddua lag hi gayi... Tahira never feared Allah’s wrath when she cursed her daughter and finally she ended up paying the price for her andha ehtemaadh. The very people she looked up to for blessings ended up being the ones to wreak havoc. Wali questioned the wisdom behind Habibullah’s decision and it dawned on me that this entire story was fabricated with one goal in mind- acquiring a woman who Peer Sahab had set his eyes on… wars have been waged over women in history; but wars are fought by men not slaves! And Kulsoom’s family were slaves to their Murshids and Habibullah knew that only too well.

I felt sorry for Haroon Bhai- his love story ended before it had a chance to take off and Shagufta was left in tears. Haroon was always shown as the one with the strongest aqeedah so he was the easiest to control. I shudder to think how Habibullah will exploit Kulsoom now that she’s under his panaah. Who will Kulsoom turn to if he chooses to violate her? Who will believe her? Surely not her family- these people who she called her own didn’t wait to think for a second of the repercussions of this nikah and how it will impact Kulsoom for the rest of her life.

Bibi was unable to intervene and she didn’t even manage to get a word in private. She glared at Habibullah but the deed is done and I don’t see how she will get it undone. I fail to read Bibi- I was sure she was pushing Habibullah towards Kulsoom and her taunts of the past were confirming the same. But the Bibi over the past couple of episodes is a completely changed one and I’m left wondering if I misread her expressions of if that was purposely done to confuse the viewers.

Bilal was shown for all of 30 seconds and I’m waiting for him to recover and confront Habibullah and Wali. Meher Nigar signalled the storm ahead and I hope she doesn’t have to suffer any further. How many of you were shocked at the nikah and the dulha?

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Kanwal Murtaza


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