Dhaani Episode 15 Review – Intense & Interesting!

Ohkay so, things got intense in this episode & I am glad they are moving the story forward at a decent pace now. I do feel that this drama should end may be at the 18th episode because most of the twists & turns have been revealed & now there’s nothing much left. I think they have shown us a heart break & now all there’s left to show is how Sameer will take a stand for the sake of his lady love Dhaani.

Things went from bad to worse pretty quickly & that was all because of Sameer’s mistake. Sameer did get a chance to convey his feelings to Dhaani but little did he know that a storm was awaiting to overtake their lives. Maya has already been getting a tough time from Sameer so it was imperative that she would over react at what she saw. I once again feel it was Sameer’s mistake that he obediently agreed to get engaged to Maya when he was not in love with her. Sameer has realized his feelings for Dhaani now because his jealousy made him realize that he was in love with her, fair enough, but the way he reacted later still didn’t make me respect him tad bit as he once again came across as a very weak individual who had no courage to take a stand for Dhaani.

Maya obviously blew things out of proportion but even though Dhaani didn’t think much about it, things turned ugly just like Shaani predicted. Shaani was right in feeling that Maya would report the entire incident to her family & then the parents will get involved & then Sameer’s father will speak to Kaleem & this is exactly what happened. Everyone in this situation was only thinking about themselves but the people who were getting scrutinized were actually innocent. Rehan obviously knows that Riyasat has invested so much of money because he knew that Maya will get the returns after she will get married to Sameer, that is why he was furious as he didn’t want things to go wrong. At this point when Rehan & his wife were planning on telling everything to Kaleem, I actually thought that Sameer will take the entire blame on himself but he didn’t & just said that Maya was misunderstanding things. I think it was a right time for Sameer to tell his father that he was interested in Dhaani & not Maya but he chose to stay silent as he still hasn’t mustered up enough courage.

It was actually quite sad to see Kaleem getting insulted by Rehan for the mistake his own son was responsible for but even though I knew Kaleem will give a piece of his mind to his daughters, I liked how stood up for Dhaani in front of Rehan & gave a very stern reply to him for all the things he implied about her, it showed that Kaleem had a lot of trust in his daughters & even though he was strict, he was not so typical to be trusting an outsider over Dhaani. Sadly, Bee Jee had to face the wrath for Dhaani’s mistake but it was good that even then Kaleem didn’t doubt his daughter & chose to believe what she told him. I liked how the entire family came together in the hard times & stood by each other’s side. However, Dhaani is still suffering because she got the confession of Sameer but her entire family had to pay a heavy price for it as Kaleem not only got insulted but left the job too. I liked how Raja like a son lent a moral support to Kaleem, it is good to see Raja turning out to be so mature & responsible to make Kaleem rely on him.

I am glad that even before Rehan could use Kaleem as a scapegoat, Kaleem resigned himself & that was another defeat that Rehan had to face. It was a good message that Rehan received that Kaleem might have no wealth in his comparison, but he surely was a man of principles & he wasn’t someone so shameless who would tolerate someone blaming & maligning his daughter’s image just like that. Sameer chose to speak to his Bhabhi about the entire situation but right till the end he didn’t have the guts to confess his love for Dhaani in front of his father. I am looking forward to what his plan would be & how he will undo the pain & distress that his recklessness has caused to Kaleem’s family.

Overall, this episode of Dhaani was interesting too. I must say if there’s one drama in which they put the OST to good use it is Dhaani, they literally use it at such an appropriate situation that you really enjoy listening to it. I have said this before & I will say that again that if the character of Maya had such an important role in the story, then they should have hired someone who could actually act because the poor performance of the the girl playing the role of Maya was sticking out like a sore thumb in this episode which was filled with some powerpacked & intense performances by the rest of the actors. I really really hope that they don’t drag this drama anymore & end it may be in next couple of episodes. Please share your thoughts about this episode of Dhaani.

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