Besharam Episode 23 Review – Putting Things Into Perspective!

Ohkay so, honestly speaking, I think it is quite interesting that Mishi & Haider as a couple have hit the rock bottom because it makes things real. As we know that every relationship goes through some sort of trials & turbulence in order to last longer & strengthen, that is why after watching tonight’s episode, despite feeling bad, I was kind of excited to see how Mishi & especially Haider will deal with this messy situation & come out of it. I think the entire responsibility now lies on Haider to make things right as he is solely responsible for causing heartache to his wife.

I think the writer or may be the director at this point have started to leave things on the viewer’s imagination a bit more because where there are a few things that need coverage, I feel the team doesn’t put much effort into conveying it. Even though it was a pleasant surprise to see Mishi talking to Hamna about Manan with an approval from her side, I think the director should have established the fact that what made Mishi change her mind? If they had shown that Mishi eavesdropped on the conversation that Manan & Hamna had, I guess that would have sufficed, or may be if they had omitted Mishi’s disapproval in the first place, things wouldn’t have seem so out of the blue at this stage. Similarly, in the very next scene, we got to know that it was Sara who initiated this proposal of Hamna for Manan, so I was once again left wondering as to what made Sara change her mind too? Throughout the journey of this drama, I have always appreciated the precise approach of the director but I feel few things were taken a bit too casually by him, which actually needed some coverage at least. Anyways, Hamna & Manan got engaged & things sailed smoothly for both of them. I don’t know why but I like watching both of them together, so I hope they do give us some nice moments of Manan & Hamna as well.

So, Haider ended up following the orders of Asfand & despite knowing that Mishi will not appreciate any of that, Haider ended up spilling the beans. Mishi definitely didn’t have any issues with what Haider told to the media about CM hitting on her, but what pinched her the most was the fact that Haider endorsed the notion that Mishi was an indecent model who was on a low level of morals, but it was only because of Haider’s perseverance that she changed. I think it was absolutely wrong of Haider to say that because it was like he was taking the entire credit for something that he was not responsible for in the first place. Mishi on her own, despite being a model was a very different person with very different agendas in life. Mishi was a part of the glamour world but she never gave it so much of importance because of which she left it the day Haider told her to & her morals & ethics didn’t allow her to fall into a deep pit of this glamour world too. Just one statement of Haider literally ruined all the efforts that Mishi had made till date to adjust in his lifestyle & he literally took everything away from Mishi citing politics as an excuse.

I think Haider needs to remind himself that the day he got married to Mishi was the day when Asfand fired him & told him that he won’t be needing him anymore, so now what has changed that Asfand is being a bit too generous when it comes to Haider? I think even though Haider feels it is because of his fearlessness & ruthless approach in politics that Asfand needs him, he is missing the point that he is getting all these favors by Asfand because of Mishi only. Asfand knew that CM’s proposal to Mishi was the best way to malign his image & probably defeat his party in the elections, that is why he started taking Haider in confidence, started giving him unnecessary favors & the moment he learned that he has Haider wrapped around his finger, he started coaxing his agenda to make Haider spill the beans & sadly, Haider obliged. I wish Haider does some reflection on himself & on Asfand too, that is when he will realize that it is only because of Mishi that Asfand has given him so much of power & money & without Mishi’s presence in his life, Haider would have never meant anything to a conniving politician like Asfand Sultan.

I am totally with Mishi on this, she has literally changed her entire life for Haider, she has given up on so much & has turned down so many opportunities, because she respected the promise she made to Haider & I think more than Haider she has fulfilled her duties & has put in more efforts to make this marriage work. Mishi had all the right to walk out on Haider because there was only one thing that Mishi demanded from Haider & it was respect but sadly, Haider went blind in his urge to become a politician that he literally destroyed their relationship & betrayed Mishi’s trust. What was even more sad was that Haider was not apologetic for his mistake & he was trying to cover it up & justify it by saying he had no other option & it didn’t mean anything. I think the choice that Mishi has put in front of Haider is completely justified. Haider needs to leave Asfand’s party because it isn’t bringing any good to him, in fact it is ruining the relationships that he has held closer to his heart all his life.

I must say, I loved Khadija’s stance in this episode. ‘Mwashray ko badalnay nikla tha, khud badalta ja raha hai’, how often do we see such mothers in our dramas who blame their sons for their mistakes? It would have been so easier for Khadija to put the entire blame on Mishi saying that she must have forced Haider to earn such a lifestyle but no, she has spent enough time with Mishi to know that she is not materialistic & her priorities in life are simple & different. Khadija earned my respect even more when she fought with Haider for the sake of Mishi, she surely is a one of a kind mother in law who knows her son better but also knows her daughter in law to be fighting for her right. Khadija knew that in this situation, Haider was at fault, so in stead of sugarcoating things, she set him straight. Haider has started to lose the plot I believe because he not only misunderstood Mishi, but he also misjudged Khadija saying that she must be taking sides with Mishi to save Hamna’s engagement with Manan. Oh dear, I feel Haider has to make a lot of amends & it would be interesting to see how he will do that.

Overall, this entire episode was done really really well & all the situations are so convincing. I have always said this & I will say it again that Besharam is an intelligent piece of writing & I thank Sarwat Nazeer for coming up with such a simple but unique plot. The director & the actors have literally added life to this screenplay & no wonder why it has become a favorite drama for all the right reasons. I think it is actually quite good that the writer added some problems in Mishi & Haider’s relationship because now Haider will realize his mistakes & it will put things in perspective where he will learn about what & who is more important in his life. All of a sudden, I feel things have become even more realistic because every relationship has its highs & lows & I am sure like how they have given so many good messages throughout this journey, they will end this with a positive message too. Please share your thoughts about this amazing episode of Besharam, even though I am a little sad that Wahab Sunyara didn’t have any dialogue in this episode, but chalo, koi nahi! :/

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