Dhaani Episode 18 Review – Wrap It Up Please!

Ohkay so, this episode of Dhaani showed some progress but it upsets me a great deal that the pace of the drama has slowed down so much. Also, I am so not looking forward to the rest of the episodes of this drama because I don’t see it nearing an end any time soon, which is actually quite sad because a drama which was best suited for 18 episodes is now being dragged so much!

So, Sameer started trying his luck to get a kick-start with any sort of a job so that at least he could support himself but he was forced to face the reality that even if he has got nothing to do with his father, his father’s name will always remain attached to him. Sameer tried quite a lot of times but every single time he got the same answer because everyone was pretty much scared to employ him knowing which background he comes from. It was good to see that at least Sameer matured a bit & realized how harsh things in reality were. Sameer has lived quite a comfortable life & that is why everything was so new to him but luckily for him, he met a well-wisher who made things easier for him!

Sameer finally got a job but I am kind of surprised that Babu took him to the exact same place where Dhaani’s fiance Amjad works. Babu himself belongs to Dhaani’s area, he keeps an eye on everything & knows each & every single detail about what transpires in everyone’s life, so I won’t believe that Babu had no idea that it was Amjad who Dhaani was engaged to. Not sure if bringing Amjad & Sameer together was a coincidence or a well-thought out plan of Babu!

It is actually kind of sad that the girl who ruled the drama in the initial stages has now fizzled into the background. Dhaani is nowhere to be seen & I find it a little off-putting that there wasn’t much left in her character to offer after she fell in love with Sameer. It looks like Dhaani has now left everything & sulking is only what she does. Also, the talks about Dhaani & Amjad’s pre-poned wedding do not seem to do much because it looks like it will take some time to happen, which means that it will buy Sameer some time automatically! Raja found out that Sameer is living in his vicinity from now on & I am sure he won’t make things easier for Sameer. Raja will keep on confronting Sameer because he’d want to be sure of Sameer’s ulterior motive for which he moved to their area.

Overall, this episode was quite slow & as much as I liked watching this drama, it has now come to a point where it isn’t giving me much to talk about. For watching purpose, it sure is a great drama but with each passing episode, it is lacking the depth & detail needed by a reviewer to review it. Anyways, please share your thoughts about this episode of Dhaani.

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