Dhund Episode 4 – Could’ve Been Better

The latest installment of Dhund wasn’t bad by any means, but I personally found myself bored. I guess this has a lot to do with the fact that I was expecting to find out more about Imran – his involvement in Neeni’s death and subsequent disappearance. This episode, however, had nothing to add to our knowledge of Imran, Arjumand or Neeni.

It’s nice to know that Maria has friends who are not among the dead and departed. In this episode, we follow Maria’s friend, Erum (Zhalay Sarhadi) who is struggling to move on from the death of her husband, Nomi (Nouman Masood). Nomi, not ready to accept that he no longer belongs to the world of the living, constantly tries to make his presence felt and communicate with Erum. What I liked about the previous tracks was that they had a certain depth to them; the one with Sania Saeed explored a strained mother-daughter relationship; last week’s track was a sharp commentary on religious and sectarian animosity and its heart-breaking consequences. In this episode, even though Erum’s friend, Kashif (struggling to break out of the friend zone) said something about Nomi being an abusive husband, this bit wasn’t explored in a way I’d have appreciated. I liked Maria Wasti’s acting in the scene where she tries to get Nomi to make peace with his death and let go of Erum, but overall, this track was boring and didn’t give me much to think about – quite unlike last week’s track.

I always enjoy watching Nasreen’s scenes – she makes me laugh – but her scenes with the driver were a pain to watch because the actor playing the driver was terrible! I wouldn’t have complained if he wasn’t given a considerable amount of screen time. I miss Nana Syed and would like to see him make an appearance in the next episode. I also hope that we learn more about Arjumand, Imran and Neeni next week.

Sorry for the late review – life kinda got in the way. What are your thoughts on this episode?

Maryam Mehdi 


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