Digest Writer – Episode 03!

Ohkay so, it was another fast paced & very interesting episode. I really like the characters already & feel all the actors have worked really well & have done justice to their roles.

Finally, Fareeda’s dreams have come true where she gets to know that the famous actress Rida has read her stories & is interested in working with her. Fareeda knows too well that no one else would support her that’s why she shares her secret with her only support-system Shakeela.

Amidst all this, we’re shown how Fareeda’s parents are struggling because of a bank loan they took in order to purchase the house they currently reside in. I think the opportunity of Fareeda making some money couldn’t have presented itself at any other time because right now, to see Fareeda earning some amount would obviously contribute a bit to the household expenses. It was obvious that even though Fareeda’s mother didn’t appreciate her talent & passion for writing, she had to give in because she saw that she’s getting paid. Even though it might look a bit odd to see the change of her mother’s attitude but then I am glad they haven’t showed it negatively that Zareena only worries about money & nothing else. Being a mother & someone who has to face all sort of social pressures, her hesitance still looks justified where she just didn’t easily allow Fareeda to carry on with her work & resisted it as much as she could.

I really enjoyed the post-payment celebratory scene. I feel all of them did really well & even though Jameela may not seem so supportive of Fareeda at times, she was still happy for her sister’s little success & enjoyed that moment of glory thoroughly. I loved seeing how Pizza was being reffered to as keemay wala naan because such little conversations give away a feeling that a family is communicating with each other & I am glad they’ve worked really well on this aspect that even though they all have different personalities, different thinking, by the end of the day they all are a family & they all depend on each other for support.

I also enjoyed Shaukat’s contribution to Fareeda’s life where he thinks he has a right to dictate her but the way Fareeda tackled him was really interesting. Like a few readers pointed out in last week’s review that for a change it’s good to see a girl who’s more interested in pursuing her dreams rather than worrying about getting married & I totally agree with it. I am glad they’ve shown Fareeda as a girl who’s creative, strong-headed, determined & passionate about what she does & for this bit, Digest Writer stands out because we hardly get to see such female characters. :)

Even though it looked like Fareeda’s father wouldn’t budge but as her mother said, Rida Anmol is also a favorite actress of Anwar, haha, so obviously he had to agree but I really liked the way everyone supported Fareeda & tried to make Anwar understand that this was such an opportunity which shouldn’t be wasted. Zareena, Shakeela & even Jameela along with Fareeda showed him a brighter picture & luckily for all, he agreed.

I must say along with the simple approach, I liked the few comic bits that this episode had backed by a perfect timing. Shaukat’s arrogance for having a great name, Zareena & Anwar’s submission to Fareeda’s plans, her siblings’ planning of having a small feast to celebrate the success of Fareeda – all this gave a very genuine feeling to the whole experience because they’ve rightfully showcased emotions that people experience in their day-to-day lives. I must say, I even enjoyed all the conversations because you can see diversity & reality in the dialogues. When Fareeda & her friend talk, it’s all about how her friend boosts her morale. When the parents talk to each other, it’s based on financial issues that they both are worried about & also some bits about a grocery list. When Najma & her family converse with each other, the center of attention is only Fareeda because clearly they’re having a hard time accepting her success. When Shaukat speaks, he’s only persistent in making Fareeda understand what she means to him & when the siblings speak to each other, they as much as discuss minor details like dish-washing along with other things. I really feel the team has worked hard in making the story & the characters as realistic as possible. To me, at first, it did look like the drama had a commercial feel but now as I’m going with the flow, I feel all the pieces are being perfectly put together & we’ve been granted another nice play to look forward to every week. I thoroughly enjoyed this episode of Digest Writer & I hope you all did too, share your thoughts on this episode please. :)

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