Digest Writer – Episode 06!

Ohkay so, I must say I love the way every episode offers something different & then the scenario keeps on revolving around the new developments. This play is definitely a breath of fresh air not only because of a different story but because of a perfect approach with which it has been executed. I think it’s needless to say but now I eagerly wait for Sundays so that I can watch Digest Writer.

Ohkay so where Fareeda tasted what it is like to be appreciated & acknowledged, she also was exposed to new set of problems that aspiring writers face in their journey towards success. Fareeda never thought that a renowned & financially stable person like Rida Anmol would back out on paying her what she deserves. I think very aptly they showed that while sitting in their cozy comfortable lounge room with all the luxuries at their feet, Rida & Sikandar couldn’t relate to Fareeda’s state of mind as to why she was so keen on getting paid & all they did was just pass some misapprehended comments about people belonging to such background. I thought Sikandar might be decent & different but seems like he’s anything but that as well. Obviously, he’s oblivious of what his wife was planning all along but I didn’t expect him to be so inconsiderate where he’d question about why people from the lower middle class would need all that money for?

I really felt for Fareeda when she kept her feelings to herself because she knew that it wasn’t worth bothering her mother for her issues. Fareeda is definitely working so hard as she knows that her family has not only supported her but is now considerably dependent on her as well. I really appreciate Fareeda’s character for the fact that she is a very dignified yet a very selfless person because she wasn’t concerned about how & why Rida treated her like a stranger but her only concern was Jameela & her contribution in her happiness.

I must say the way they are opening new horizons for Fareeda is very appreciable & interesting. Like I said before that Fareeda’s journey is a perfect example of how ‘one thing leads to another’. She never would’ve thought that she’d stumble upon a famous actor Ayaan Junaid that she had only seen on the TV. I really liked the discussion Fareeda & her siblings had post her meeting with Ayaan. They sounded so much like regular TV viewers who have different preconceived notions about such celebrities. I also love the way Shakeela always teases Jameela, it’s very genuine, real & portrays how sisters in actual treat each other. :) I think Ayaan will obviously play an important role in Fareeda’s journey because he actually saw what happened there & he was vigilant enough to understand that Rida has purely used Fareeda for her benefit & she’s still unaware of it.

I must say I loved the way things are shaping up for Fareeda’s family. Jameela has found a decent partner for herself & it is good to see that Zareena & Anwar now speak on behalf of Fareeda whenever Appa says something about Fareeda & Shaukat’s marriage. They now know that Fareeda isn’t keen on getting married as she has certain dreams that she is chasing. I think it gives out a very nice message to all the parents that no matter what their kids want to do, the parents should always accept & then support their passion.

I once again loved Shaukat’s golden & blue shirt, it was spot on & somehow depicts his thinking & nawabi nature perfectly. The way he refused to eat mithai the moment his father told him off went to show that he’s such an attention seeker & doesn’t like being dictated. He’s a very different character & I find him a very fresh addition to this drama. Obviously, his only objective is to earn Fareeda but too bad for him, he’s not the one for her.

So, that’s it from my side, I thoroughly enjoyed this episode as well. The acting’s perfect & so is the direction. The scenes are to the point & the way story’s unfolding is just brilliant. I really enjoy watching this drama & can’t wait to hear what you guys have to say about this episode of Digest Writer. Share your say please. :)

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