Digest Writer – Episode 07!

Ohkay so, I can’t get enough of this drama because each episode is interesting than the other. Every single time the drama shows some new developments & it keeps the viewers engaged. I think short scenes & the pace are the strength of this drama along with a very realistic approach on a story of a writer. I believe it’s the first time that we’ve being given an insight as to what goes behind the cameras & what it takes to make a good drama & such a journey is a delight to watch.

I know it’d sound surprising but in this episode I felt for Shaukat a lot. He is genuinely a nice guy who also has some weaknesses but the way he shows his concern for Fareeda & tries to rectify his mistakes actually portrays that he is a nice person. It’s his tough luck that Fareeda’s not interested in him because let’s get honest, she is way out of his league & Shaukat is in a strong denial of this fact. Even after Fareeda has told him a million times that she won’t get married to him, he remains persistent & tries his luck but one thing that’s worth a mention is that apart from her own family, it was only Shaukat who tried to console Fareeda when she was going through a hard time & for this he definitely earns some bonus points.

Sadly, Fareeda’s worst nightmares have materialized because she had to experience what she, never in her dreams, had thought of. Rida Anmol obviously backstabbed her & took credit for her hard work. I thought in this tough time, a little gesture by Bint-e-Hawa would at least serve as a little compensation but too bad, Rida Anmol & Sikandar are a strong team because they’ve survived in this industry for a long long time & they very well know how to mend the ways in their favour.

It was obvious that nobody would trust Fareeda & because of that she backed out but it was Bint-e-Hawa who guided her rightly. I felt for Fareeda a lot as well not only because she had made some promises to Jameela but solely because she lost motivation for writing. I think this brunt will serve as a good opportunity for Fareeda because she will bounce back & eventually will end up meeting the right person who will value her talent. A little utterance of Manzar Hayat also showed that commercialism has overwhelmed this industry. He was determined on not changing the script but then like anybody else, he had financial obligations to tend to & this sheds a light on the fact that often producers force the writers to make some changes that they’re not comfortable with. It was somehow also a depiction of the writers’ helplessness because eventually they end up submitting to the demands of the producers & the channels.

Finally, Fareeda has given an edge to Shehryar because he seems completely smitten by her mental calibre. Obviously, he was the reason that forced Fareeda to make an ID but the way she posed as if she has been very busy was rather sweet. Her excitement was evident yet she didn’t want to give him a hint of such sort. I can’t wait to see how their track unfolds.

The preview of next episode seemed really interesting. Rida Anmol would try to hire Fareeda because she knows she’s talented as well as this is her only way of making money, so let’s see what decision would she make & finally her mystery fan will make an appearance too. Can’t wait to find out more. Thoroughly enjoyed this episode of Digest Writer as well & I must say it’s a very intelligent script writing where each card is being revealed at a relevant time. Share your thoughts please.

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