Digest Writer – Episode 09!

Oh wow! I just love the timing of this play. The pace is absolutely brilliant & I think that’s the strength of this play as well. Just when I was feeling bad for Fareeda, I got to see something amazing that makes me want to watch the next episode RIGHT NOW. I absolutely love how every single episode is so engaging & is packed with so many little surprises that unfold at a perfect time & that makes this drama worth a watch & a lot more enjoyable. :)

Rida Anmol knows how to play with people & their feelings, that’s why she weaved a perfect trap for Fareeda to give in. As much as Rida wants to ignore the fact that Fareeda’s talented, she actually can’t & this is exactly why she tried to buy her way into her stardom again using a shortcut, that she is currently enjoying due to Fareeda’s hard work. It was pretty obvious that Fareeda wouldn’t agree to work for her but just the mention of a big amount made her family rethink their feelings that they had for Rida Anmol. It’s bitter but true that at times you really can’t do much but have to persuade yourself to do what others want even if it means leaving a dent on your soul. I am sure Fareeda’s family wouldn’t have cared much if Jameela’s wedding was out of the picture but it was obvious, with her wedding approaching, they found it as a right opportunity to convince Fareeda to take the deal that Rida offered.

I must say the thing which I enjoy the most is the growth they’ve shown in Fareeda’s character. Even though she is still the same day-dreamer who enjoys giving words to her feelings, but a few reality checks have compelled her to be more cautious & this is why she kept a firm hand in dealing with Rida because she knows as much as her family is depending on her, Rida Anmol is as well & that was enough of a satisfaction for Fareeda that she dealt with a conniving person like Rida in a language that she understands a little too well & also because Fareeda knows that she now can’t allow Rida to take her for granted just because Fareeda’s is unable to do anything about it.

I think as much as all the conversations are written beautifully, the best ones are between Fareeda & her Father. I love how Anwar time to time always lets Fareeda know how much he supports her but the way he extended his plea in front of his daughter this time around really made me feel for him. He is helpless & even though he feels guilty, he knows he has to think past of it because Fareeda is the only one who could help him in the hour of need. As much as Anwar doesn’t want to burden his daughter with the things he is responsible to be taking care of, he still feels Fareeda is his strong support whom he can rely fearlessly upon & that makes their relation very real & beautiful at the same time.

Obviously, it was because of her family that Fareeda accepted the offer but to see her regretting putting the price on her imagination was genuinely heartrending. Fareeda hates to see this side of the reality where she was forced to sell her imaginary world just to fulfil the obligations of the real world that she lives in. Fareeda was shattered because even though everyone around her knew what her writing meant to her, they chose to overlook the fact that her skill was being exploited but like she said, she survives in such a world where people walk over others to reach the sky & all she could do was stay quiet without protesting because she was not in a position to do that & unfortunately, she wasn’t even allowed to do so.

I really think Shehryar is a dreamer too & I found him deluded this time around. As much as I appreciate his presence in Fareeda’s life & the way he values her, I think he really has set certain standards which he will never compromise upon. I think this is Shehryar’s fault where he is evaluating Fareeda on the basis of her words because the fact is; everyone knows that fiction is a result of someone’s imagination & not reality, so this makes me question Sheheryar’s take on Fareeda where he actually thinks that Fareeda has laid bare her real life in her stories. As much as he is getting carried away with the thought of having a partner like Fareeda, he should take a step back & allow her to reveal her reality to him.

Oh & yes, finally, Ayaan Junaid has made an appearance in Fareeda’s life & at such a perfect time which actually justifies the notion of never losing hope because you never really know what’s in store for you. Surprisingly, Fareeda didn’t have to say much to him because Ayaan already knew what Rida Anmol has transpired against Fareeda & the way she was using her once again. I don’t know what might happen in the future but he actually seemed sincere & honest while offering her to write for him right now & I really think, this was much needed after seeing Fareeda’s dismay in the last couple of episodes. I think good times are rolling for Fareeda now & I can’t wait to see more.

Yes, last but not the least I must say I love the way they’ve given a face to each & every character because it really makes them look real. I love how they’ve worked on the image of all the characters which tell a story of its own about each one of them. How Rida Anmol’s sharp eyebrows & coloured lens shed a light on her cunning & the dominant negative side of her nature. How Shaukat’s greasy messy hair shows his least bothered attitude in life. How Anwar’s taqiyah (Islamic cap) make him look like a responsible & a soft hearted father of 3 daughters. How some white strands of Zareena peeking through her shawl & her raw clean face tell a tale of her worries that she has in regards to her daughters. I don’t know how much of it makes sense but this is the way I see their images representing them, which I absolutely think is praise-worthy & for that I really appreciate the team that has worked on the appearances of the cast. So, this is it from my side for this week, do share your thoughts about this episode of Digest Writer, please. :)

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