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Ohkay, I know it will come as a shock to a lot of readers but I am so disappointing with Fareeda this time. What she did to herself was absolutely wrong. After watching this episode, I now find both Sherhryaar & Fareeda at fault. Shehryaar; because he never really tried to get to know who Rushk-e-Hina was & Fareeda because she didn’t give benefit of doubt to Shehryaar at all. Yes, he was always very vocal about what he was looking for in his life partner but Fareeda kept on giving him wrong impression too without making an effort to tell him to truth. If she was so conscious in the first place, why did she allow Shehryaar to get interested in her & more so, why did she do this to herself as well?

I find Fareeda wrong this time because even if she decided to meet Shehryaar to reveal her reality, why did she back out? I now feel both of them allowed the assumptions to get the best of them because of which, they kept on making irrational decisions. Shehryaar was obviously at fault because he kept on burdening her with his criterions without ever giving her a chance to speak up but Fareeda followed the course blindly as well. Now when all of a sudden the reality struck her & left her bewildered, she at least should have explained everything to Shehryaar after meeting him & so that they both could’ve taken a mutual decision because no matter how self-centred or immature Shehryaar must be, he doesn’t deserve to be blindsided like this & Fareeda does owe an explanation to him. I feel if Fareeda wanted to back out because she didn’t find herself at par with him, she should’ve done it properly because it’s unfair that in a relation, only one person gets to make a decision & the other is left in a state of oblivion for the rest of his life.

I found Shaukat’s proposal very sincere. I like him for who he is but still, I don’t think he matches the calibre of Fareeda at all. He now promised her that he would change himself & would do everything that she likes but Shaukat needs to understand that it won’t be easy because no matter how much he’d try, how far would be he able to push himself to match her level? How much effort would he make to change himself completely? He might be a good person on his own but in comparison to Fareeda, he’s a lot less worthy.

Another disappointment that I faced was when Fareeda agreed to Shaukat’s proposal, not because she agreed but because she wasn’t happy about it. If Fareeda knows deep down that she can’t tolerate Shaukat’s presence & she won’t ever be able to bring herself to like him, then why did she jump into the pitfall consciously & willingly? No matter how incompatible Shaukat must be to her, he surely doesn’t deserve a wife who won’t be able to respect or love him. Shaukat might have his own issues but he has always been very sincere to her, so if she can’t reciprocate the exact same feelings, then she shouldn’t have agreed to this marriage as well.

The way Anwar dealt with Fareeda showed that Appa’s taunt struck a chord this time & it was enough for Anwar to lose his cool. I think if Appa wouldn’t have pressurized Anwar, Fareeda must’ve gotten a wee bit time to think more about what she wanted to do with her relationship with Shehryaar but just because she was being compelled, she took a wrong & hasty decision. I thought Appa actually meant all those promises that she made with Zareena & Fareeda but too bad, she is going to become a typical ‘saas’. I really thought it was only Najma who had issues with Fareeda but Appa’s display of happiness & sincerity was too good to be true as well.

Looks like Rida & Sikandar are facing a downfall in their careers with a recent flop drama & Ayaan Junaid is going to enjoy the benefit of depending on Rushk-e-Hina which means that he will now rely more on her & this will bring her a good name in the industry but too bad, going by the preview of next episode, looks like Fareeda will have to deal with a lot in her new home, which might put a kibosh on her writing career temporarily. It actually came as a shock that Shaukat changed with a blink of an eye. I actually feel bad for Fareeda because she doesn’t deserve what she will go through. Looks like she will lead the rest of her life in regret; regret of not being able to tell the truth to Shehryar, regret of rejecting him & regret of getting married to Shaukat. I hope her life shapes up well & from now on she takes sensible decisions even if it means getting divorced from Shaukat, which I can foresee because we’re through 12 episodes only, phew!

The episode was good like always but I really felt bad seeing how Fareeda slowly destroyed her life with her own hands. Zareena’s concern for Fareeda was so heart-warming because deep down she knows this pretty well that Fareeda might get a hard time in Shaukat’s home but she chose to keep it unsaid as she respected her husband’s decision more. Jameela looked really pretty & her new overdo is enough to show that she’s leading a good life after getting married. :) Share your thoughts please.

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