Digest Writer – Episode 13!

Ohkay so, honestly speaking I would’ve felt a lot for Fareeda if she had decided to get married to Shaukat after she had met Shehryaar. She is in a severe depression; why? Because she ‘assumed’ Shehryaar wouldn’t accept her after he’d get to know about her. Ohkay fine, Fareeda took that decision in her senses but then what’s with the regret? She should be happy that she did good by Shehryaar & also saved herself from getting embarrassed which is why to see her lingering with the guilt of what she has lost in the form of Shehryaar doesn’t make sense because no one forced her to opt for Shaukat in the first place.

I don’t understand why everyone always emphasizes on ‘tumhari story ke hero jaisa larka’. I think they shouldn’t have shown so many people confusing fiction with reality. Just because a person has a strong imagination & is capable of giving words to the imaginative world, doesn’t mean their reality would exactly be like how they perceive life in their dreamy world. Bint-e-Hawa also assumed that Fareeda would be getting married to a guy similar to the characters she has written in her novels which didn’t seem appropriate because Bint-e-Hawa knows which social background Fareeda belongs to & just because she asked her such a question, Fareeda resorted to lying because she was ashamed of letting everyone know that her real-life partner is opposite to her fictional-life heroes.

I think they changed the actor who was playing a role of Shaukat’s married sister because the former one was shown as a sensible person but somehow they decided to add some spice to her character & now she was looking like a typical nand waiting to hog benefits from her bhabhi. I knew Appa was incapable of being good but I never thought she would change colors so quickly. I felt bad for Fareeda’s parents because now Appa will exploit & taunt them every single time if they would do something beneath her expectations.

I honestly felt bad for Shehryaar in the previous episode but just one dialogue from him this time was enough to kill the sympathy that I had for him. I really don’t understand how can a person be so shallow that he’d judge someone else based on what their name is? Shehryaar found Anwar Ali’s name bizarre because it was common & simple which made me say that whatever was happening to Shehryaar is exactly what he deserved. I am glad he didn’t decide to make a scene at Fareeda’s wedding & left quietly. I must say I would’ve felt a lot for Fareeda if she had faced blunt rejection from Shehryaar but just because she didn’t give him a fair chance, I don’t feel for Fareeda either & I think we’ve been deprived of seeing what the true face of Shehryaar was; was he really this shallow as we all thought or was he any better? I feel we really won’t be able to form a definite opinion about him but may be there’s a reason why this track was left in the lurch. May be there’s a chance that they’ll get to rekindle their relation in future because the way Fareeda’s in-laws have started to treat her, it’s highly unlikely that her marriage to Shaukat would last that long.

Finally, Shaukat got what he wanted but I wasn’t amused to see him in this episode because I know what sort of plans he had in his mind for Fareeda but let me ask, which groom falls like that in front of his bride? LOL! Only Shaukat can do that. He isn’t as simple minded as he poses to be because the way he informed Fareeda of what he was expecting from her really showed how tactful he is. I am sure he will keep on sweet-talking her into doing things that only he’d approve of. Let’s see what happens next. The episode was good but a bit on the slower side. I hope they don’t give much coverage to Fareeda’s depression but rather show us what measures she’d take to shape up her life from now on & oh I loved the crisp quality & vibrant colors of this episode in particular & loved the camera angles also. Share your thoughts please.

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