Digest Writer – Episode 15!

Just when we anticipate if there’s a margin of something unexpected to happen, they always surprise us with something totally unpredicted. I thoroughly enjoyed watching this episode because now we can see a balance forming between Fareeda’s personal & professional life. Even though both her lives are parallel for now but I am sure that’s going to change very soon.

I really feel for Fareeda. Previously when she used to sulk over losing Shehryaar, to be honest, I thought it wasn’t required because Fareeda imposed this marriage on herself but after seeing how Shaukat treats her, I actually understand why she thinks of Shehryaar every now & then. I think more than anything, she actually misses the way he used to value her talent, how he used to appreciate her for what she was good at. Shehryaar & Fareeda actually connected to each other on a different level & unfortunately, Shaukat hasn’t been able to replace that bond. It is a human psyche that you always remember the things, people & relations that made you happy in the past if your present is as dull & dour, therefore Fareeda is forced to think of what could’ve been after she has experienced what has happened.

Fareeda’s MIL is a despicable woman & so is her son; Shaukat. What she did & how she reacted every single time was an accurate picture of how typical people treat their DIL’s like. I actually was surprised when they revealed that Fareeda was expecting a child, this was totally unexpected but I think it adds another dimension to the story. I found the whole name-game very convincing & real because this is what mostly happens. Even if the MIL is not happy at the birth of a grand-daughter, she wouldn’t allow her DIL to have a satisfaction of naming her child. Sajida thinks that the birth of a baby girl isn’t worth celebrating, therefore she doesn’t allow Fareeda to share the happiness with her neighbours but very conveniently she swoops in & snatches away what could’ve been the happiest moment of Fareeda’s maternal life which was; naming her very first child, her daughter. Sajida obviously feels nothing for her granddaughter but she wants to name her Surraiya, after her own mother & yes, I must say that whole mithai distribution scene was so emotional; it actually pulled the strings. :/

I was really missing the interactions between Fareeda & her siblings & I am so glad this episode covered that too. It was really sweet of Farhaan to share his thoughts with Fareeda & acknowledge what she does for him. I was actually really happy to see Shakeela too. Of all the people, most wise & supportive Shakeela knows about Shehryaar. She seemed genuinely concerned for Fareeda because she can see her sister isn’t happy & Shakeela exactly knows why. Yes, I think she was right, if only Fareeda had spoken about Shehryaar, things would’ve been completely different but sadly, it has been turned into a wishful thinking & there’s nothing more to it.

I must say, Anwar is my favourite father figure from the recent dramas that I’ve seen. I remember when Digest Writer began, we all thought he was one of those staunch & typical fathers who only cared for his son & not his daughter but the way he has changed & actually voices out his guilt & grief by looking at the suffering of his daughter Fareeda makes him a very genuine & sincere father. The way he tells Zarina to take care of Fareeda so that she can rest for a while actually goes to show that he has been scarred by what he did to his daughter & he blames himself completely seeing how she is facing the repercussions of his decision. I really like Fareeda’s whole family because they actually seem genuine & real. They’ve always stood by each other in tough times & have celebrated together in happy times. Isn’t it good to see that Fareeda’s parents didn’t just get her married to cut her off from the family, but they are actually worried for her wellbeing more than ever. This makes me think that if Fareeda’d ever decide to part her ways with Shaukat, her parents wouldn’t judge her because they know she has tried really hard & has given everything she could to save this marriage but her in-laws didn’t value & respect her, so when the time arises, I am sure Fareeda’s parents will support her decision & stand by her no matter what.

Ohkay so, Mazhar Hayat thinks digest writers don’t make good drama writers & he doesn’t approve of their thought process. He thinks dramas are meant to be written by the seasoned writers because he himself has seen how much he had to struggle because of these newbies, so now when he is in a position, he only wants to confine this niche for the drama writers only. I thought that the channel head forgot about his decision of signing a 2 drama deal with Rushk-e-Hina but fortunately he remembered. & oh this reminds me of what I said about Mazhar Hayat as it was proven right this time, I knew he would cause harm to Fareeda’s writing career. Obviously, for now she herself has taken a break but I am sure when she will decide to make a comeback, Mazhar Hayat would do everything to resist it. It’s good to see that Fareeda now has a few supporters within the channel itself, so I am sure the day she’ll decide to write again, she will be welcomed with open arms.

So, this is what this episode was all about. I am glad that the pace is picking up after a couple of slower episodes which I didn’t mind at all. I don’t know if Mahroosh has a considerable role to play or she is just added in the drama to depict what goes behind the cameras. She’s an opportunist, who’s even ready to keep up with an oldie like Mazhar Hayat for the sake of her career. She’s over ambitious & wouldn’t mind bonding with a man of Mazhar’s age to get herself ahead in her acting career. Till now she hasn’t contributed to the story so let’s see if it’s meant to be that way or it will change in the upcoming episodes.

I liked the way Fareeda’s hairstyling & dressing changed as they showed the passage of time. Attention to detail has been the strength of this play since day one so I am glad they didn’t just stick to one look & forgot about it. They’ve kept on experimenting with not only Fareeda’s but everyone’s looks to suit the circumstances which I really really like. Just in the previous episode Fareeda was all glammed up to suit the image of a newly wedded girl but now she was seen in very simple suits & neatly tied bun to show that she’s a home-maker who has a responsibility of household chores on her. I must say the one who is responsible for the styling of all the characters has done a commendable job. It was a great episode & I can’t wait to find out what happens next. I am sure these parasite-like in-laws (FIL excluded) still have some more show time left but I hope Fareeda packs them up & gets rid of them soon. Share your thoughts please.

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