Digest Writer – Episode 18!

Ohkay so I really enjoyed watching this episode because things seem to be happening at a faster pace now. Looks like they are going to wind this serial up but they still have a lot of aspects to cover, which means the succeeding episodes will be a lot more happening like this one.

So, Mazhar Hayat continued being unreasonable because he just didn’t want Fareeda to have satisfaction that she could write well. He kept on throwing her script away even after she made a lot of amends just because he never wanted to approve her writing in the first place but I am so glad that another opportunity presented itself & that gave Fareeda an edge to deal with Mazhar in a way that could set him right. I liked the honesty with which Fareeda told Mazhar about her decision; he hated working with her, so she allowed him to live happily ever after because he succeeded in shooing her away. Fareeda is a gifted writer & there’s no denying to that & all she required was a perfect opportunity & a perfect team to work with & luckily she got one. As expected, Fareeda wrote a brilliant script which made an impact right from the beginning & she secured a good place in that channel, which means Fareeda’s on a way to her success.

It was good to see Fareeda’s professional life shaping up but seems her personal life ain’t ever going to get smoother & she is going to face a lot more challenges in the days to come. Shaukat is interested in someone else & I think this will force Fareeda to rekindle her old feelings that she had for Sheheryaar. Even though she proved to be a very good life partner who compromised, tried to make this marriage work & was always ready to do everything to please her new family – Shaukat & his family didn’t deserve a girl like her. They all looked like a bunch of vultures when they were trying to get their hands on the money that Fareeda earned. It’s pretty clear that they are only interested in what she can do as a writer but on the other hand they lack a basic sense of courtesy, which is why instead of making her life easier, they are making it more miserable with the incessant taunting & belittling but I am glad that at least they haven’t shown Fareeda as someone who lives in a bubble. She might be a day dreamer with a strong imagination, but she knows exactly when she needs to keep her eyes open & because of that she can clearly see what’s happening around her & even though it’s sad, it’s still good in a way that she is not living in some lala land, which means that if she will ever make a drastic change in her life, it won’t come across as an irrational decision.

Looks like Fareeda will get another supporter in the family & that would be Shaukat’s elder sister. I really like how they have etched out Fareeda’s character. What she did didn’t seem forced at all because that’s how she is, she is courteous, big hearted and compassionate & it just didn’t matter who it was, when she felt Naghma needed her help & support, she took a stand for her & stood by her & that makes me like her character even more.

I so wish that they do show Mazhar Hayat paying for what he did with Fareeda. I hope the channel head takes an action against him because of his prejudices & biasness towards her plus I also want him to witness Fareeda’s success himself & then feel ashamed of being so irrational. Actually, I just want everyone to pay the price & that includes Shaukat & his whole family (FIL excluded) as well.

Going by the preview, looks like Shehryaar is going to make an entry into Fareeda’s life again, even though for now, he’s going to be confined to her thoughts only but I do have a feeling that they both will end up being together & especially after what Shaukat is doing to her, I don’t mind seeing Fareeda with Shehryaar because no matter how shallow he might’ve been, at least he made her happy. I felt a lot for Fareeda when I saw her smiling wholeheartedly after reading her fan’s messages, it’s like ever since she has gotten married, this was the first time she actually tasted what it was like to be appreciated for something that she’s so passionate about & that is why it looked like her smile came right from her heart. I just can’t wait for the happy times to roll in for Fareeda. Share your thoughts on this episode of Digest Writer please. :)

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