Digest Writer – Episode 19!

Ohkay so, looks like they’re on a way to wrap this drama up that’s why some major revelations & realizations are unravelling & I think Fareeda & Shaukat have reached their breaking point & either one of them will walk out of this marriage but by the looks of it, I think it’s going to be Fareeda who will decide whom she wants in her life & whom she doesn’t.

I really liked the scene between Naghma & Fareeda. ‘Dua ke saath bad-dua na dain’, just a few words but they carried another level of depth in them. Fareeda knows that every single step that she took towards her progress came with a huge price that she had to pay to be able to hold onto it, that’s why she is done with wishing for something better to come to her. At least it is good to see that after FIL, Naghma is being supportive of Fareeda. Naghma knows she can’t do much as she herself is dependent on her family but the least she could do is offer some emotional support to Fareeda & she was at least trying, which is very kind of her.

I can’t emphasize enough on how much hatred I am feeling for Shaukat & his Amman. They are absolutely merciless & think they are Fareeda’s responsibility now. Even after Fareeda has done so much for them, she is still falling short of everything because their demands are not coming to an end. The scene where Fareeda & Shaukat went to shop for Surraiya was done really well. It depicted the status of their relation to perfection where Fareeda wanted everything for her daughter because she loves her but Shaukat tried to cut the corners because he is not at all emotionally attached to Surriaya & thinks she doesn’t need all this. I just can’t imagine that the guy who only wanted to get married is coming across as such a person wasn’t mentally ready for a lifelong commitment because he hasn’t been able to do justice to both; his wife & his daughter too.

Obviously there was a lot of emphasis on Fareeda’s earnings because that’s the only thing related to her that’s important to all those who’re living with her & even to the one who isn’t living with her & that is Najma – other than that, no one really thinks of what she wants. Fareeda has obviously started to give words to the thoughts about Shehryaar that often cross her mind. We really thought that she succeeded in forgetting him completely but as Fareeda confessed, it never really happened & she couldn’t take him out of her mind because she got nothing in her new life that could replace the good memories she had of him. Shaukat hasn’t done anything for Fareeda at all so it’s imperative that she missed Shehryaar’s presence in her life all this while but then it’s commendable that Fareeda tried her level best to adjust into this relation & she gave away everything she had just so that she could please Shaukat & his family even though she never fell in love with her husband

The showdown between Fareeda & Shaukat was gripping too. I felt that at that point what Shaukat also said was right to some extent BUT BUT BUT having that that I also feel that it was just a bad attempt of making an excuse for his infidelity & what he has done is absolutely wrong because forget about the major things, the least he could do for her was to stay loyal to her. He just couldn’t justify what he did therefore very conveniently he tried to put all the blame on Fareeda but the way she reacted & countered an argument was spot on too. She has done everything in her might to make this marriage work but now if Shaukat thinks he wants someone else, I really think there’s no point of staying in this marriage where there’s no love, respect & sincerity left. When Shaukat was saying all those things to Fareeda, I just wanted to smack & remind him that he was the one who told her to stop writing, he was the one who told her that she had to take care of household chores & now when Fareeda submitted to his will, he came up with a shameless excuse saying that just because Fareeda couldn’t pay attention to him & herself, he decided to move on while being married to her. Yes, Fareeda was indifferent to him, Fareeda wasn’t happy with him BUT she never gave him a reason to cheat on her & for this, I really wish Fareeda divorces him & finds her own happiness. Shaukat also forgot that the papers he was taunting her about are the source of her income & even if Fareeda loves writing, who is he to question her about it? When he felt she shouldn’t write, Fareeda stopped & when he felt the need of her money, he asked her & she started writing, so when Fareeda sacrificed the thing she loved the most for him, how can he say that it’s the only thing that’s important to her? Fareeda hasn’t been given any option to decide things for herself ever since she got married but Shaukat is completely forgetting that.

I was so glad to see Mazhar Hayat being questioned & grilled for losing the drama written by Rushk-e-Hina. I so want to see how he’ll contact her & request her to write for his channel once again. I just so want to see his ego getting hurt too because he needs to understand that gone are his days & its Rushk-e-Hina’s time now. I really like the character of Umm-e-Maryam too, she comes across as such a nice person who truly respects Fareeda & is inspired by her. I really like the fact that they have kept all the supporting characters complete & have even worked on their natures because no matter which role they are playing; positive or negative, small or big, they all actually come across as genuine & real.

I enjoyed watching this episode a lot & now when the drama has almost reached its finale, I really feel that I’ve formed a bond with Fareeda in fact with all the characters. Every single person has acted so well in this serial & Saba Qamar has convinced me to become her fan in Digest Writer but I must say Gohar Rasheed has taken a role of annoying aashiq/husband to a whole new level with his minute & unique expressions. He is a flawless actor & it actually shows that he has given his 100% in each & every scene because he made us laugh & now he has forced us to hate him too & only a few powerful actors can achieve this in just no time. Totally impressed by everything related to Digest Writer; its script, its direction, its casting, its characterization, its dialogues, its picture quality, its attention to detail & in short, every single thing. Share your thoughts about this episode of Digest Writer please.

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