Digest Writer – Episode 20!

Hmmm, to be honest, after watching the preview of next episode, I am more interested to see what’s going to happen ahead because this episode didn’t have much to offer as we’re pretty much well aware of what Fareeda’s in laws are capable of & what struggles she’s going through.

This episode focused on how Fareeda is putting up with everything she’s exposed to because everyone has pretty much snatched away the power of decision making from her. ‘Khuwab jab puray ho jatay hain to unke ehmiyat nahi rehti’. Fareeda easily told the reality of her husband because she was his dream & when his dream got materialized, he didn’t value it. ‘Mere sasural walay waisay hi hain jaisay is ma’ashray mai ziyada tar sasural walay hote hain’. The conversation between Fareeda & her friend was so well-written that in just few words & with so much ease; they shared everything with each other. I was happy to see Fareeda’s friend as well, it’s like they have always given a special consideration to the supporting characters & they always had something or the other to contribute to the scenario or the story.

Fareeda is almost done with her in laws & especially her husband but too bad, she can’t ignore the reality because she doesn’t want to burden anyone. Even though Fareeda might look like a victim here but I really like how they have tackled her character because she is too strong to be victimized. Yes, she has always compromised for the sake of her family’s & in-laws’s happiness, but there’s still something about her that doesn’t make her a typical dukhiyari mazloom aurat that we see frequenting our TV screens these days. She knows how to take a stand for her, even though most of the times she has to back out from what she took a stand for, but the way she voices out her opinion & puts forth her thoughts is commendable & makes me like her even more. Fareeda knew that leaving Shaukat’s place for a few days wasn’t a solution to her problems, but she still went ahead with it whereas if it would’ve been someone else, she couldn’t have done that.

I didn’t quite understand the logic of Fareeda’s mother. Sorry to say, I have always liked & respected her parents but the way Zareena talked her into going back to Shaukat’s place really made me dislike her for that teensy bit of a moment. Fareeda is a self-sufficient person, who knows how to take care of herself but just because a few people pried into her private life, Zareena wanted to make things right just so that she doesn’t have to answer more such questions that might come her way. I so wish that Anwar had taken a stand for her daughter once again but looks like he likes being dependent on Fareeda but in return he isn’t doing much for her.

Fareeda’s only quality that her in-laws like (but never appreciate) is the way she takes responsibility of the household expenses & just because she left for a few days, Shaukat’s place was in shambles & this is exactly what made Sajida & Shaukat bow down to her for a moment just because they understood how important it was for Fareeda to come back. Sad is, that even though Sajida knows that her husband & good for nothing son haven’t done anything for her family as much as Fareeda has, she still doesn’t acknowledge her efforts.

I so wish they had shown us how Mazhar Hayat apologized to Fareeda & how he requested her again to write for his channel, but never mind, at least we know that Fareeda is doing good for herself in her professional life & she has finally & successfully achieved her dream of becoming a renowned writer.

One thing I thought was a little odd was the way Shaukat stumbled upon Shehryaar’s letters. When Fareeda was at her own place, she had the same diary but then Shaukat also got his hands on it & got to read the letters that Fareeda & Shehryaar exchanged. I think Fareeda really kept those letters close to her heart, so it wasn’t a wise thing to show that she’d leave her diary behind that too at such a place where anyone could easily find it. I really thought after this, Shaukat would create havoc over it but for now he took it pretty well. I am sure he will use it when the time would be right because Shaukat knows how to mend the situations for his own benefit.

I really wish they had shown that Surraiya grew up a bit because that would’ve made the time lapse look a lot clearer & realistic. She’s still a toddler whereas so many things have happened in Fareeda’s life. I really like the way Aqeela sides with Fareeda but I also hate to see how Sajida insults her just because she is now dependent on her own family. This episode was still enjoyable but it was filled with all such things that we have pretty much gotten a clear picture of, but to be honest, the preview of next week’s episode has gotten me all excited because I am sure it’s going to be a power-packed episode with a lot of developments in the story & more exciting twists & turns. Share your thoughts about this episode of Digest Writer please. :)

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