Digest Writer – Episode 21!

Ohkay so, I am glad that they made all these developments worth our wait. It was so good to see Fareeda in control of her own life & I think the way she is behaving now & whatever she’ll do in the future is completely justified given what she has endured all these years while being married to Shaukat.

I really like writer’s approach to Fareeda’s journey & her life. Obviously, it would’ve been a miracle if Fareeda’s mother in law had changed but I liked the fact that they didn’t show anything of that sort. She is still as conniving as she was before but it’s just that it was money which could tame her & confine her in limits, therefore now when Fareeda has plenty of it, she is running things in her home & her MIL has allowed that to happen because as far as her needs are being taken care of, she doesn’t mind what Fareeda does.

Finally, Farhaan has become a doctor too & it was good to see Zarina & Anwar having a good time discussing how hard their children have worked & how it has started to pay off. Once again, I’d say that I loved Zarina’s make-over. She seems content & happy, plus for a change it was so good to see her not demanding things from Fareeda. The discussions of all these siblings have been a best part of any episode & I am glad that a couple of conversations were added this time around as well. I liked the fact that Farhaan is still compassionate towards Fareeda like he used to be as he knows how hard his sister has worked to bring him to this position & he acknowledges all her efforts which I believe was very really sweet of him.

I really believe the interview could’ve been better. Yes, those are the questions any gharelu sort of a morning show host would ask any of her guests but I feel that whole interview should’ve been written a bit more attentively. As much as I didn’t enjoy the interview, I liked the conversations after it, the way Shakeela & Farhaan made fun of Shaukat & what Shakeela said: ‘aurat ka barham uske jhoot mai hi hota hai’. Indeed, Fareeda has come a long way but no matter how popular she might get or how much money she might earn, she still has to deal with a lot of ordeals on daily basis which shows that her life is far from being perfect. I liked the reminiscence scene of Fareeda where she took a look back at her journey, from where she started, to what she faced, how she was told to leave what she loved & how she was ordered to do that again just so that she could take care of her family. I think that these timely reminders of Fareeda’s life & her conversations with herself actually made us connect to her on a completely different level, that’s why I believe all of us only want to see her happy now, even if that happiness comes to her in the form of Shehryaar.

So, Shaukat is still the same but then, didn’t he say he wanted Fareeda to become all well-groomed, well-dressed & glamorous, so now when she is all that he ever wanted, why is he still insincere to her? Shaukat only used all that as an alibi for his wrongdoings & what’s sad is, he still hasn’t changed, but then why would he? He knows he has his mother’s back & she is the one who allows him to do whatever he wants to but tells him to pretend because losing Fareeda means losing all the luxuries like sugar-free biscuits, pizzas, servants & all the perks that they’re enjoying because of her. It’s ridiculous how they have exploited her & have taken her for granted but for her sake, I wish she puts a kibosh on all of this & walks on a path that leads her towards happiness. I couldn’t stop cringing every single time Shaukat tried to put Fareeda down, he certainly is not in a position to say all of that but sadly, he’s a typical male blessed with a narrow-minded mentality where he still thinks he is something only because he’s a man ignoring the fact that he has achieved nothing in his life to be treated with respect. I loved the way Fareeda reminded him of her status because she has worked hard to earn it & she can slap a reality check on Shaukat’s face anytime she wants.

I loved the new look of Fareeda. She looked modern, classy & chic. I think the makeup, hair styling & dress designing team once again has done an amazing job when it comes to all the characters. They really looked different to how they used to be & yes, I felt relieved seeing Surraiya as a grown up kid because I dreaded seeing her as an infant even after the time lapse too. ;) Share your say about this episode of Digest Writer please. :)

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