Jackson Heights – Episode 23!

Ohkay so, before saying anything about this episode, let me just say that the preview of next episode suggested it might be the end of this drama & for my sake, I really hope it is. Coming onto this episode, well I found it interesting & fast paced. I really think that if it ends this week, they will be able to put an end to this drama on a strong note because we’re done with their half-baked stories & tracks & want to see them all reaching the finale in some happening sort of a way!

Well, Jackson Heights dekh rahain hon aur buray surprises na milain, aisay to halaat nahi! This episode started at a good note where Salma slapped some reality on Sikandar’s face but it got ruined because all of a sudden, Imaan, who was completely indifferent to her father all this while has become a daddy’s little girl & for his sake she is ready to exchange jeenay marnay ki kasmain with Salma just to bind her!?! I really believe her reaction to the whole Mommy-Bhatti relation was overdone because Imaan now says she hates him whereas she was the one who had memorized his date of birth & gave a card to him too. Imaan has always been a calm & composed person who always stood by her mother no matter what her own father & grandmother said, but now suddenly she thinks her family is going to become picture perfect & Salma is ruining that photo? Was Imaan gone on a sleeping trip like Sleeping Beauty or she was living in a hostel that she didn’t know what has transpired in that house lately? Chalo, if she would’ve been a 7 y/o (I don’t know how many times I’ve said it) her reaction would’ve looked justified that she didn’t know the details about what her daddy’s been up to, but I really can’t imagine that Imaan being a 15 y/o (?) is actually oblivious to what Sikandar has done all this while like gambling, stealing, getting beaten up by the goons & oh his latest adventure of trying to kill someone! I really liked Imaan’s character because she always sounded reasonable & she seemed mentally mature but then how can Vasay Chaudhry allow us to enjoy a female character that’s brainy & intelligent? Obviously, he couldn’t keep his hands off & had to ruin Imaan’s character too by making her look utterly dumb & immature & I don’t think I’ll ever be able to forgive Vasay for this!!!

Oh boy that whole tu Indian, mai Pakistani, tu Hindu, mai Musalmaan conversation was so forced & seemed completely out of the line making it look like they ran out of dialogues so us time pe jo muh mai aya bol diya. It’s like the writer himself forgot that Rizwan was supposedly an Indian given how his perfect Urdu’s been putting all the Pakistani characters to shame, so he decided to refresh that fact for us. Jamshed is cunning so I really think he that could’ve come up with a better argument than just to taunt mindlessly like a 3 y/o about how Indians are jealous of Pakistanis (like seriously?) & oh Rizwan’s comment about not being a Hindu was equally petty as well. I mean like seriously, he couldn’t think of an appropriate comeback too? C’mon Rizwan I thought you could do better but I must say what’s funny is that this whole fiasco is being nurtured for the sake of a Christian; Michelle (not generalizing, just giving a comical angle to it). LOL! I am sure ye khichri kisi beemar ko bhi be-swadi lagaygi, haha!!!

Whoop! There was so much rona dhona in this episode that I just couldn’t help looking away. This is not exactly what you want to see first thing in a morning. This drama has been pretty serious but to actually induce more gloominess into it wasn’t an intelligent choice. Yes, Imran’s mother is not well but if he is so worried, he should just book his flight without putting a lot of effort into making Jamshed look like a villain because when it comes to Naani, both of them are equally at fault. Amidst his depression, Bhatti couldn’t stop putting blame on Jamshed but mamoon jaan, bhanjay ki duty ho gai 15 saal tak, abb appki baari hai!!! & oh, look at the way Nadir pops up out of nowhere after a million episodes so I think to reciprocate his generosity, we can go around ignoring him easily as well!

I think Michelle must’ve done something good in her life that she’s automatically getting rescued by this trap that Jamshed has set for her but then she doesn’t deserve it given how stupid she has been acting lately but I am glad that Rizwan’s slip of tongue was enough to get Maria all excited & now she has asked them to postpone the wedding which is exactly what Jamshed can’t afford. I just hope he gets exposed ASAP & this ridiculous track is wrapped up soon but I must ask, isn’t it amazing that Maria & Michelle complement each other so well as sisters because they both fall short on brains?

Does Sikandar really think that after what he has put Salma through, he can win her back by doing a few dishes? The way Salma responded to Sikandar was enough to show that she’s had enough of him but then I’ll ask again, what’s holding Salma back? I don’t think she should allow Imaan’s selfishness prevent the happiness & peace that’s coming her way because this family’s not worth it. Going by the preview, seems like Salma’s departure won’t be easy as she’ll be emo-blackmailed by her MIL too. I just don’t get how suddenly these guys switch their attitudes? Trust me they flip faster than a coin. First Cathy, then Imaan & now it’s going to be Tai Jee who will all of a sudden realize how precious her kamau-poot bahu is. Anyways, share your thoughts about this episode please!

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