Digest Writer – Episode 23!

OMG! This episode was intense. It was directed brilliantly but I must say all the credit goes to each & every actor for performing so brilliantly that they actually fizzled out everything else & made us focus only on them. It was a nail-biting episode with amazinggg dialogues & I must commend the writer & the director for keeping us at the edge of our seats till the last moment. We still can’t predict what might happen & this is a beauty of this script.

My favourite scene of this episode? Nope, it wasn’t the proposal scene, it wasn’t the confrontation scene, and it wasn’t the confession scene. It was the conversational scene between Fareeda & Farhaan. ‘Hum baat to mazhab ki hi karte hain lekin darte ma’ashray se hain’. Farhaan promised to stand by Fareeda because he has been with her since the day her struggle started. It was that little boy Farhaan, who used to accompany her when she used to pay visits to Rida Anmol’s place for the sake of few bucks. It was Farhaan who used to go to Bint-e-Hawwa’s office alongside his sister so that she could submit her stories. It was Farhaan who has seen how hard Fareeda used to work, what sort of treatment she used to get & how she used to lie to her mother & sisters when people used to put her down. Yes, Farhaan isn’t oblivious of the fact that it’s only because of his sister Fareeda, that his parents are now living a life in luxury, he has become a doctor, and the rest of his sisters are married. Farhaan is quite well aware of how Fareeda scarified her life in order to shape the lives of her extended family too, which is why he has promised to support Fareeda no matter what her decision would be. That scene was actually quite overwhelming because even after Fareeda has done so much, now when she is in need of other’s support, she isn’t getting any or let’s say now when it’s time to ask for some payback, no one’s ready to do that for the sake of what she has done for them but it’s only Farhaan who has stood by his sister & it only took a few words from him to ease Fareeda’s pain because no one’s ready to understand her for now.

The scene in which Fareeda asks for divorce was so well-directed & well-acted. Fareeda was in a trance after she saw the opportunity presenting itself to her. This is what Fareeda has wanted all her life & she couldn’t believe that it was finally happening. Fareeda wasn’t herself & she let Shehryaar’s words get the best of her & in that moment of weakness, she asked for a divorce. It was so obvious that Fareeda herself couldn’t believe that she finally said it but then, she picked up the pieces, gathered herself & persisted upon getting her demand fulfilled & all that happened in just a spur of a moment & I must commend Saba Qamar for acting that scene out to perfection. Finally, Shaukat, it’s time for you to pay the price for all the hard times you’ve put Fareeda up with. Shaukat has all his life taken Fareeda for granted & the transition from being a rude & least-bothered husband to someone who wanted to do all in his might to stop his wife from leaving was brilliantly portrayed by Gohar Rasheed. Even though we all have seen what a bad husband he has been & even though we all have hated him for being like that, he still managed to gather some sympathy because no matter what we say, deep down we all know that if Sajida wouldn’t have been in the picture, Shaukat might’ve turned out to be a very good husband because he did care for Fareeda a bit like he didn’t want her to work when she was expecting their first child but sadly he chose to side with his mother & stopped bothering about his wife. Even though I say that I do feel for Shaukat, I by no means want Fareeda to stay with him because she deserves so much better.

Sajida & to some extent Aqeela are despicable to the core. The moment they heard about Fareeda’s decision, they didn’t care about what Shaukat must be going through or how hard it must’ve been for Fareeda to stay with them that she was pushed to the limit, rather they both were worried about what’ll happen to them as they’ll be thrown out of the house. Amusingly, they both are so dependent on Fareeda that they forgot about their own flesh & blood Shaukat & were more concerned about how Fareeda can be talked out of her decision. Yes, finally Shaukat decided to speak the truth & gave a reality check to his mother but then I really don’t get Sajida. She has ruined Fareeda’s & Shaukat’s life & she thinks just regretting what she has done& saying a few apologetic words would be enough? I don’t think it’s fair that a person can ruin someone’s life & in the end resorts to a delayed realization & an apology thinking it’ll serve as redemption!

I do understand where Anwar & Zarina were coming from. Yes, they have been very conscious of being dignified all their lives & they don’t want their daughter to have a label of being a divorcee but Zarina’s wishful thinking about Shaukat was misapprehension & nothing else. She is quite an experienced person herself & she has seen ups & downs in her life, so how can she think that Shaukat will change? A person who has been like that for 11 years can now change? I really liked the arguments Fareeda presented which made her parents speechless because Fareeda has done so much for them that now they don’t have any option left than to just side with her which sadly, they didn’t.

As much as I have really liked Fareeda’s friend Shazia, I didn’t like the way she tried to paint a terrifying picture of Fareeda’s life with Shehryaar. Yes, she was being a voice of reason & what she said wasn’t a lie as well but I don’t know why I really want to see Fareeda walking out of this misery. I really think Shehryaar will change Fareeda’s life & make it better. I also don’t agree to Shazia in a way that now just because Fareeda has kids, she is bound to stay with an infidel man. Yes, every kid is close to both the father & the mother but being a father doesn’t only mean racing with your kids or taking them to a park because anyone can do that. Being a father means setting a good example for your kids, teaching them positive things in life, treating the mother of your kids nicely in front of your kids & being a role model for them as well which Shaukat hasn’t been all these years as he was too busy in his meaningless activities, so I really don’t think that just because he has a tag of being a ‘father’, Fareeda once again has to sacrifice everything for her kids & be with a man she doesn’t love at all. I’d hate to see her becoming a sacrificial lamb who first sacrificed her happiness for her parents, then her husband, then her in-laws & now her kids. By the way Surraiya’s question to Fareeda asking if her mother has fought with her father spoke volumes about the kind of impact Shaukat has on the kids.

I don’t know why but I have a feeling that Shaukat will now change & Fareeda will stay with him!?! May be Shehryaar’s presence has been important in a way that it brought drastic changes in Fareeda’s life. First when he came, she got married to Shaukat & now his re-entry will force Shaukat to do some thinking about how unfair he has been to Fareeda because just the thought of her leaving him actually reduced him to tears, so may be Shaukat will treat this as a close-call & change himself for good because even Fareeda seemed shaky after giving words to her thoughts as now she’s not alone & she is a mother too but I really wish Shazia hadn’t said all that to Fareeda. I liked the fact that Fareeda didn’t hide anything from Shaukat & let him know the main reason behind her demand for divorce as she has always believed in being honest & upfront. I so feel for Fareeda because like she said, in a moment of weakness, she allowed her complexes to cloud her decision & she chose Shaukat over Shehryaar. Share your thoughts about this episode & let me know how’d you guys want this drama to end? I say I want to see Fareeda living a life with Shehryaar because after going through so much for so many years, she really deserves to be happy.

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