Dil Mom Ka Diya Episode 25 & 26 Story Review – Well Executed

Opening Thoughts- Well Executed:

Ohkay so, this episode of Dil Mom Ka Diya was well executed & showed us some great performances by all the actors. The story of this drama might not be new bur there is some newness to it in general, I feel that may be because I am still unsure of the kind of ending Ulfat will meet, so it is still interesting to see her facing her fate.

Ulfat & Tipu Are A Match Made In Hell:

Ulfat has found an exact copy of her in the form of Tipu. Tipu is just exactly like Ulfat – careless, boisterous & straight forward to the point of being blunt that is why he has been the only person who left Ulfat speechless many times. Ulfat has slowly & steadily started to realize that Tipu is a polar opposite ot Afzal & she has also understood that Tipu doesn’t have as much patience as Afzal. Tipu is someone who believes in ruling his partner & he has not connected to Ulfat on an emotional level. For Tipu, Ulfat is just his partner who he is sharing his roof with, that is why he does not care much about her emotions & feelings.

Tamkinat & Azhar’s track now seems to be getting dragged but then it is understandable that they are running that story in the background so that they are not forgotten about but I feel we have seen their heartbreak enough already so it is better if some kind of progress is made in their track.

Fatima is doing her best to win Afzal as well as his kids over & slowly & steadily she is succeeding. Even though things have not changed drastically between Afzal & Fatima but the fact that Afzal now feels guilty after mistreating Fatima is basically a step in the right direction because Fatima deserves her share of happiness too.

I felt that this episode had more of a soundtrack & very less dialogues because more than half of the episode covered the emotions & feelings of all the characters which did get a tad bit boring. Well, despite not wanting to, Farhat got married & Tamkinat’s sister tried to make things work between Azhar & Tamkinat but things didn’t go according to her plan. Salma continued to be annoying but then whatelse can be expected from her? The moment Fatima said you should have informed before coming, Salma made sure to switch her nand mode on & remind Fatima that she could barge into Afzal’s home anytime she wanted. How typically & politically nand can she be?

Closing Thoughts – Interesting Change of Dynamics:

Overall, this episode of Dil Mom Ka Diya was definitely interesting because in such a later stage of the story, we got to see a new character which is not only interesting but has changed the dynamics of the story as well. Even though Fatima’s character does not have that spark, Tipu definitely compensates for that. I am definitely looking forward to what more Tipu has in store for Ulfat. Please share your thoughts about this episode of Dil Mom Ka Diya.

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