Dil Nawaz Episodes 18-20 Review-Entertaining!

This show is simply entertaining and the major cause for that is its different and intriguing storyline. A lot of despair was surrounding Dil Nawaz and Fawad’s relationship after she was imprisoned by Alam Ara but the tables turned as nature struck and Alam Ara is no more. Alam Ara was finally confronted for her actions by her sister and that along with her deteriorating health took a toll on her and she finally was no more. After Alam Ara’s demise, Dil Nawaz is now free and with Jahan Ara having no intentions to enslave her, she can do whatever she wants.

The Baba Jee mystery was also solved and the man who helps Kiran is none other than Alam Ara and Jahan Ara’s father. But is it his soul or is he a creature from another realm? These questions still stand in place. Jahan Ara is all alone now and since Tauseef is helping her, she would most probably end up with him. A black cord given by Baba Jee to Kiran helped Fawad to come to his senses and realize what is happening around him. He is a Devdas now and suddenly from I can even die for Dil Nawaz, he went to Go die Dil Nawaz. The other mystery which was solved today made me hate Fawad’s character. He married Dil Nawaz on his own will. Dil Nawaz made it clear that she was not controlling him on that and wanted him to love her with his whole heart. And still, he proved to be an extremely bad choice for her as well as for Kiran because he has deceived both of them.

Dil Nawaz Episodes 18-20 Review-Entertaining!

Kiran’s fiance was a good man as was looking like from the start and when Rasheeda told him about Fawad and Kiran’s relationship, he cleared her way by taking the whole blame on himself. Yes, Rasheeda became a manipulator again and also won at it. And they are still making him look bad. At least Kiran should have cleared everything in front of her mom. This show has really gone to a top level of excitement with everyone getting proper screen time and the story is directed beautifully.

Fawad’s U-turn is not looking very acceptable and Wahaj was not his best in all scenes but Neelam once again was at the top of her game. She expressed Dil Nawaz’s desperation with complete accuracy and her jealousy with Kiran was also a thing to watch otherwise such scenes are always annoying but Neelam made them entertaining. Another character who is getting the edge of all swords is Kiran’s mother and Kiran is not a farmanbardar bacchi after all.

Looking forward to the next episode as the preview shows that Fawad’s father will finally have a clue about what is going on in his son’s life!

Pakeeza Dar

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