Diyar-e-Dil – Episode 09!

Hmmmm!!! I am actually not sure what to say about this episode of Diyar-e-Dil as in how to say it. This episode was done so well but it marked the exit of our favourite character Suhaib. This episode was just so emotional & I still am trying to gather myself. I love this play for the fact that each & every situation strikes a chord every single time because the crux of it is conveyed so beautifully that you just can’t help getting engrossed in it. I must commend the director for giving such a beautiful picture to an equally beautiful script.

Suhaib knew something big was about to happen. He knew that he needed to take a few steps before he left because his intuition was warning him of something unavoidable. He could predict but he couldn’t prevent that is why he was so particular as he could feel that’s the only time he would get to spend with his family. An outing with the whole family, a heart-to-heart conversation with Arjumand & Agha Jaan made his journey complete. He died after doing all that he has done his whole life & that was giving an utmost attention to his family. He got to spend time with his children, he got to know how content his wife was with him & in the end, he succeeded in convincing Agha Jaan to overrule his word & welcome Behroz back in his life as he knew, his departure will leave a void which now only Behroz would be able to fill. Suhaib did reunite his father & his brother but what’s sad is that where Suhaib slept peacefully that night with a feeling of victory, knowing what he has done what was right, he has now left a lot of regret in his brother’s life & has left a dent in Agha Jaan’s heart which can’t be mended.

I loved the conversations Suhaib had with his wife, it showed the transparency they both shared where he also told her about the meeting he & Laila had. I couldn’t help draw a comparison between their relation & the relation Behroz & Ruhina share because they might’ve begun their lives on the basis of love, they lack the strength & emotional dependency on each other whereas both Suhaib & Arjumand didn’t have the factor of love in their lives when they got married, their relation grew to be perfect & was so strong that they both had nothing but honesty to offer to each other. I loved the way Suhaib talked so highly of Arjumand in front of Laila, it showed how much of a high regard he had of his wife & how much he truly he loved her.

The conversation Suhaib had with Agha Jaan obviously set the grounds for what will & what should happen next. All he wanted was for Behroz to know that he had no such plans which he accused Suhaib of & he wanted Agha Jaan to not only forgive but accept Behroz wholeheartedly as he wanted all the misunderstandings to subside because Suhaib proved it time & again that the only thing that mattered to him the most was his whole family. His whole life revolved around his family; his people which is why he wanted to complete the family picture by mending the broken ties of Agha Jaan & Behroz. I absolutely loved the reactions & the replies of Agha Jaan too. I also felt bad for him because Behroz is so big on his ego that now it had to be Agha Jaan again, who was supposed to ask him to come back. Yes, Behroz did try once, but that’s it! I feel he should’ve tried harder but sadly, he is a weak person who let his ego rule, rather ruin his whole life.

I know it is supposed to be that way, Behroz will spend the rest of his life in deep sorrow & regret but then I find his character unforgiveable. He may indulge in a deep sense of regret, he may now do everything that Suhaib wanted & he may do everything to please Agha Jaan but somehow I don’t think I’ll be able to like his character ever. Seems like Ruhina spends a lot of time ‘chatting’ with her Bhabhi-love. If she had spent half as much time on her husband as much as she spends in paying attention to her Bhabhi, she would’ve been able to understand what Behroz was going through every single day of his life. It seems that Ruhina kind of feels relieved when Behroz doesn’t let her know what he is feeling because then she then goes back to her bubble of perfect life without having to worry about anything.

I don’t know how many times I’ve used to word ‘love’ in this review but yes; I absolutely loved the way things were told. I obviously hated seeing an end to Suhaib’s character but the way they took us through that journey was beautiful, emotional & heart-wrenching; all at the same time & this is what I have always loved about Diyar-e-Dil; the way they complete every scenario by giving us that extra something to connect to & relish.

It goes without saying that the acting of every single one of them was spot on. Abid Ali conveyed the feelings of a grieving father to a T. Ali Rehman was remarkable in this episode as well especially because he was able to carry that sad look in his eyes even though he was trying to act all normal & happy, he totally nailed it. Everything about this episode was perfect except for the fact that the Chaandi on Ruhina’s hair kept on disappearing & reappearing in different scenes. So far I believe Sanam Saeed is a weak addition to the lot because when a certain star name gets associated with a character, you tend to expect a lot but so far, she hasn’t delivered & looks like it will remain this way & oh, I think Osman Khalid Butt doesn’t need this amount of makeup. He naturally has a good face, so yes, a little touch ups are understandable because they’re a demand of the camera but he doesn’t need to have a heavy-hand on the makeup as it makes his face look expressionless. I am sure he has done an amazing job as far as the acting is concerned, so for that I can’t wait to see more interactions between Wali & Faarah. Please share your thoughts about this beautiful episode of Diyar-e-Dil & let me know how emotional did you guys get because I cried a bucket. :/

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