Diyar-e-Dil – Episode 11!

“Ohkay so”, this episode was comparatively slow but nonetheless, I enjoyed watching it because even though the pace was a bit slow, it ended at a promising note as now Behroz & Agha Jaan both; will get to deal with the real ordeal in the form of Ruhina.

Each & everyone in the Haveli is still mourning over Suhaib’s death. Agha Jaan, Arjumand, Behroz & Zarmeenay, they all are shattered completely but Agha Jaan & Behroz are doing everything to overcome the regret they have in their hearts. They both find themselves guilty of wronging Suhaib time & again. Where Agha Jaan admitted that he was the one who let his ego ruin this family, Behroz also professed how he misconstrued his brother all these years over a petty assumption. Even though, it comes after a heart-wrenching turn of events, it was good to see both the gentlemen taking responsibility for the wrong decisions they have made in their lives & not only accepting their mistakes but realizing & regretting them as well. I still feel it was quite immature of Behroz to fix Faarah & Wali’s marriage just because he wants to make things right & more importantly he wants to compensate for the all the hurt he has been responsible for putting Agha Jaan through. Yes, it’s understandable that Behroz is eager to do everything he can to make Agha Jaan happy but going ahead with this decision without even talking to Faarah makes him an ever bigger villain than Agha Jaan; in his perspective, was.

Arjumand had a ball in her court after so many years but she didn’t take advantage of the situation. It goes to show how much she loves & respects Suhaib to let go of her ego & submit to his wishes even if he is not around anymore. Arjumand could have easily backed out by the demand that was put forth by both Behroz & Agha Jaan but she is ready to go by their decision because Suhaib’s happiness means everything to her & that makes her an even bigger person.

Yes, I get it, Ruhina is mad at how Behroz has been MIA but to see her using the word ‘drama’ repeatedly for Suhaib’s death made me cringe – as if her negativity wasn’t enough that we now have to deal with her fowl mouth too. Faarah still seems a bit unaffected by what Ruhina says but that doesn’t mean she isn’t believing in what her mother is saying time & again. It is imperative that Faarah must be paying heed to Ruhina’s words & she would now form an opinion about Behroz’s family based on what she has heard Ruhina say about them. I am actually interested to see how her opinion would change once she will get to meet & interact with Behroz’s family personally.

I must say I really enjoyed the scene of both Wali & Zarmeenay. It was short but it was absolutely sweet. Zarmeenay must’ve lost a father but Wali, like the responsible person he is; is making sure to lend a shoulder to his younger sister to let her know that she is not alone & now she has her brother to rely on. I like how Wali is keeping himself composed because he now feels a new sense of responsibility that he has to stick to because enough people are already shattered around him that he doesn’t want to break & wants to be there for them the best way he can.

I must say I wasn’t expecting this but what Arjumand said about Ruhina was something totally unexpected. I really thought she wouldn’t bother much about Ruhina but seems like Arjumand hasn’t forgiven both Behroz & even his wife Ruhina as well & I am interested to see Arjumand’s reactions too. I find it unfair, in a sense that just because Arjumand is the submissive one, she is being asked to put up with everything now after Suhaib has left. Obviously, if Suhaib was alive, she would still agree to all this but in that case she wouldn’t have paid much attention to anyone else anyways. Even though Agha Jaan was being extra cautious by seeking her permission & by informing her beforehand about how he plans to make Behroz stay with him, I still feel Arjumand has always sacrificed everything in her life just because she never was bold enough to voice out her opinions.

I believe Agha Jaan wants to ruin probably the last years of his life by inviting Ruhina to stay with him. He is making one mistake after the other – first one is by agreeing to the forced marriage of Wali & Faarah & second is by asking Behroz to stay with him for the rest of his life along with Ruhina in that Haveli. I am kind of interested to see the show Ruhina will put up when Behroz will tell her the actual reason for which she was invited to the Haveli. Even though Behroz loves Ruhina a lot but I want to see if he will ever realize his mistake of choosing her over the rest of his family? Behroz is on a trip of a lot of realizations so I want to know if this one would also be something that he will realize later ahead when he will see Ruhina’s real self?

So, this is it from my side. As much as I was waiting to see the confrontation between Laila & Behroz, I was disappointed to see that it wasn’t actually a proper scene & was just an exchange of few sentences between the two which was shown twice in the preview for the next week’s episode to keep the viewers engaged? I really felt cheated & I wish the director had given that scene a due time given how they depended on it to make the upcoming episodes look more promising? Anyhow, the drama is still going strong & now I’m looking forward to see the showdown between Ruhina & the two gentlemen; Agha Jaan & Behroz. Share your say with us please. ;)

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ps: I’ve seen, if given the edge, how few people LOVE to spoil the whole drama for those who haven’t read the novel. They are those people who don’t even comment regularly but just come to share the spoiler alerts because it’s their moment of non-existent glory, so to that class of Spoiler-Alert Police, I just want to say, let us enjoy the drama because we love how the story is being told & we aren’t in a RUSH to know what is going to happen in the last or probably the episode following the last episode. So, yeah, just Spare Us!

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