Mumkin – Episode 11!

Ohkay so, I must say we’re 11 episodes down with Mumkin & this drama is getting better & better. I like how they have still kept the story so engaging & interesting but I just wish it doesn’t get the treatment any other good drama of ARY gets & that is the treatment of dragging. I am hooked to this show completely & I actually look forward to Tuesdays to see how the story of Mumkin going to unravel.

Well well well, for a change it is so nice to see a daughter in law sharing a good relationship with a mother in law. I like how Maria & Hina have become more like friends to each other. Hina knows that Maira is a very innocent girl & she doesn’t have much exposure in a sense that she hasn’t dealt with different or mean people in her life that is why Hina feels it’s her duty to protect & guide her, which is the thing I love the most about their whole relationship. I like how Maira is resorting to transparency in her relation with Hina because just when she got a bit confused about what Natasha said to her, she thought the best thing to do was to get to know Hina’s point of view on this.

Apparently, Natasha thinks Maira is just trying to win everyone over with her antics but sad is that Natasha has forgotten that this is who Maira is & this is exactly the reason why Natahsa befriended her because she always got the help she needed from Maira. I don’t know why but I still understand where Nageen & Natasha are coming from. They are obviously very authoritative & also rude to a certain point but that’s just who they are & I still don’t find them completely negative. I know it would sound a bit odd but I kind of enjoy the bickering between Nageen & Aziz too because they look like a typical couple who have sticked together for so many years & now they are in such a comfort zone where they can be their true self in front of each other. I also somehow enjoy watching the way Nageen & Natasha give utmost attention & importance to Aziz. He indeed is the most important person in their life & that is why I always like their family scenes together. Nageen may have a lot of complains with Aziz & she might also boss around him but she actually depends a lot on him & he is the only person who affects her the most which I really feel is something sweet & good about her character.

Aziz is obviously missing the point here. By giving extra attention to Maira & by acting a bit sneaky lately, he is inviting all sorts of questions & suspicion on him. Aziz should understand that Nageen has already started to pick up the hints because she already senses something wrong in the way he has been behaving lately, so it wouldn’t take too long for Nageen to figure out what is actually going on.

Mehreen is obviously in no mood to give an edge to Aziz because he has moved on & Aziz is such a chapter in her life that she doesn’t want to go through again. She knows that he now has a wife & a daughter & more than that Mehreen is pretty much settled in her life. She knows that now if she allows anything of such sort to happen, she won’t be alone in facing the consequences because Maira would also face the brunt, which is something she dreads the most. I really like Rafia’s character too. She is such a good friend to Mehreen because she has always been there every time Mehreen needed her. I think Mehreen shouldn’t lie to Rafia because she has been such a good friend to her & she can actually help her in dealing with the situation properly.

I thoroughly enjoyed watching this episode & can’t wait to see what happens next. I must say I love the way they have kept everything & every relation just so natural, whether it’s a relationship of a father & a daughter, a relationship of a husband & wife, a relationship of friends or a relationship between a mother & daughter in law, everything is done just so nicely & naturally that you actually understand them & relate to them even better. There are always a few things that warm up your heart & a few things that always give you a proper perspective about what’s going through a character’s mind, which for me makes Mumkin work completely. Please share your thoughts about tonight’s episode & let me know how much do you enjoy watching it? :)

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