Diyar-e-Dil – Episode 12!

Ohkay so, this episode was intense & interesting but it left me confused as to who do I dislike more; Ruhina or Behroz? The recent turn of events has unmasked their dirtiest faces & I find them both equally wrong. I like how the story is getting a lot more intense & even though we can figure out what might happen ahead, it still makes us look forward to it because the script & the story has been tackled intelligently.

Even though I find Ruhina completely wrong but this time around, I kind of understood where she was coming from & for me, the real culprit is Behroz. Those people, whom he showed his attitude & ego might’ve changed but this side of him is still pretty much dominant in his personality. Behroz is doing exactly what he did 20 years ago; first he chose not to understand Agha Jaan & made an irrational decision of leaving his whole family & now he is choosing to misunderstand Ruhina & enforcing his decision regarding their only child; on her. Yes, even though now Ruhina has no grounds to hold grudges against Agha Jaan, but the way Behroz has kept her in a dark for the last 20 years, makes her stance justified. I totally blame Behroz for not talking about his family or the repeated attempts of reconciliation done by Suhaib, with Ruhina. He is the one who chose to keep her away from all that he was feeling & for the last 20 years, made her believe that she was the only one that mattered to him the most, so yes, it is imperative that Ruhina will misunderstand his family because she hasn’t met this Behroz before who’d cry for the love of his father & brother.

Just now when Ruhina had a bag full of complaints & misunderstandings against Suhaib & Agha Jaan, why didn’t Behroz utter a single word to clear off their name? Behroz made an extra effort to silent his wife while completely ignoring the point that it was about time he should let her know how hard Suhaib tried to take him back to Agha Jaan & how much he also tried to help him financially while Behroz was busy fulfilling his husbandly duties. Even though, I dislike Ruhina, I still find her right in a way because she has seen her husband suffering & sulking for the last 20 years. All she knows is that Behroz’s family never made an effort to reconcile & abandoned him, she has only seen Behroz being restless & sleepless most of the nights because he used to miss his people, so it is totally natural for her to hate Behroz’s family because for her, her husband was innocent who only went by the right he had of choosing his life partner, making Agha Jaan & Suhaib the culprits who estranged their son & elder brother.

I found Behroz completely irrational because he threw a curveball at his wife & daughter & expected them to understand those unspoken feelings that he had kept a secret from them for them all this while? The way he dealt with Ruhina only made him look a bigger villain who chose irrationality while conversing with his wife whereas he should’ve taken that as an opportunity to let her know how wrong she was being by misunderstanding Agha Jaan over & over again. It almost felt like ever since he has realized his mistake, he is using his only daughter as a pawn to compensate for the pain he has caused to Agha Jaan & his whole family.

It was good to see Arjumand being a part of all the activities in her own way. Looks like she still holds a grudge against Behroz & even Ruhina but at least she is trying not to make Faarah face the brunt of what her parents did to her. I now feel after Agha Jaan’s personal apology, Ruhina has no reason to cling onto that bitter memory. Yes, things don’t change within a few seconds & no one is expecting her to get quite pally with everyone around, but at least she can be at peace now & let go of the past to make her present & future work. I feel the way Behroz is treating Ruhina makes things uglier. I really expected him to tackle the whole situation with a bit more maturity because he needs Ruhina on his side too & now when he has made a decision about Faarah on his own, it obviously will make his wife misunderstand & blame every single person of his family, including him. Now when the story has come to this point, I feel Behroz has been unfair to everyone around him all his life; he was unfair to Agha Jaan just because he thought he was too authoritative, he was unfair to Arjumand by leaving her in the lurch, he was unfair to Suhaib by misunderstanding him all his life, he is now being unfair to Ruhina by expecting her to accept his singlehanded decision & last but not the least, he is also being unfair to Faarah by making the most important decision of her life without even thinking about her for a second. Behroz was egoistic, irrational, and unfair & Behroz is still egoistic, irrational & unfair.

All said & done about Behroz, I really find Ruhina wrong as well. It only took her 2 weeks to forget everything Behroz has ever done for her, for the last 20 years. She actually ran out of words & anger when Behroz reminded her of how he left her. Ruhina, at least shouldn’t just think all this was actually a drama, starting from Suhaib’s death to Agha Jaan’s fragility. She actually comes across as an insecure person who really has no faith in her bonding with her husband, which is why ever since Behroz has been with Agha Jaan, all she has ever talked about is how Agha Jaan will turn Behroz against her. If she was an emotionally & mentally stable person, she would never ever doubt her husband because he took a stand for her & has been a dutiful husband ever since he got married to her, so these 2 weeks shouldn’t bother her at all. Ruhina would have never doubted her relationship if she actually believed in herself.

Over all it was a good episode. The confrontations between Behroz & Ruhina were done nicely without overdoing any of that. I really dislike how they show one thing in the preview to keep us all engaged & that scene is never made a part of the current episode. Yes, I did find the whole emphasis on ‘our’ & ‘hum’ by Wali a bit forced. He has just met Faarah & obviously he believes in giving people a benefit of doubt, so the whole emphasis on that idea seemed a bit out of question, but nevertheless, I enjoyed seeing all three youngsters in one frame, it was good to see some young faces for a change. Agha Jaan looked so sweet while he was making an extra effort to make Ruhina comfortable. I liked that they did add the bit where Agha Jaan picked how Ruhina was still angry at him. Agha Jaan really meant when he said that Suhaib’s death has taken away all that he used to be proud of & has changed him completely. I thoroughly enjoyed watching this episode, loving everyone’s acting & the locations are absolutely beautiful. Please share your say with us. :)

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ps: Enforcing a ban on the spoiler-alert-police once again!

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