Mumkin – Episode 12!

Ohkay so, things are moving a bit slow for now in Mumkin but overall, it still makes a good drama to watch on a weekday. It was obviously expected that the pace of the drama will become a lot more stagnant after they’d cross a 10 episode mark & this is exactly what is happening because now every episode only deals with one situation at a time but IF they’ll wrap this drama up before 20 episodes, I think it would be great.

Natasha obviously is having a hard time seeing Maira getting along so well with everyone in the family. Natasha never wants to be a part of that family but she dislikes when someone tries to do that. She should know that everyone is different, so if there are things that might not be important to her, they can be important for someone else, so she should just let that person be & do her own thing. For Natasha, the only thing that set her apart from Maira was her social status but now when Maira is standing at the same platform as hers, she can’t seem to cope with it.

Rafia & her husband want Mehreen to settle down now when she has no one to look after her. Rafia, like a true friend wants the best for Mehreen & ever since the incident of someone trying to break into her home, Rafia is more of an opinion that Mehreen should have a companion in her life, who she can depend on. Even though Maira feels this is the right thing to do, the little hesitation that she had was subsided by the opinions Muneeb shared with her. It was actually very sweet to see Muneeb being considerate about Mehreen just as much as he always is about his own mother.

What Aziz is doing for Muneeb, Maira & indirectly for Mehreen is calling all sorts of suspicion on him but it seems that he really doesn’t care about what Nageen & Natasha would have to say when they’ll find out. Going by the way Waleed reacted, it actually showed that he doesn’t want Muneeb to be a partner in that business & he also doesn’t like anyone’s interference. Aziz obviously is a shareholder so he gets to have a check or say in the business matters but Waleed doesn’t like it. The way Aziz tried to cross check Waleed actually showed that he has picked on how Waleed has kept Muneeb away from the family business because he doesn’t want anyone as a partner. Aziz doesn’t understand that the way he is showering his love on Muneeb & Maira to be precise can put them in an awkward position because Natasha obviously is giving Maira a hard time so she will really make their lives miserable if she will pick on something of that sort seeing her father going through so much trouble for them.

I think it’s about time they let us know the reason why Aziz left & couldn’t come back to Mehreen because their phone conversations are becoming a bit monotonous. Yes, I think the whole scenario of Mehreen’s marriage might make Aziz come out clean about the relationship he shares with her as he obviously doesn’t want to lose her. I am guessing Mehreen will say yes to this marriage thinking she’d be able to keep Aziz away from herself so I am expecting a lot more drama to come. Over all it’s an interesting watch, so let’s see what more do they have in store for us. I am glad they added a few scenes of Muneeb & Maira together; it’s always a treat to watch them both. Share your say please. :)

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