Diyar-e-Dil – Episode 22!

Ohkay so, things are getting quite intense & serious now in Diyar-e-Dil but it still is a treat to watch in so many ways. I enjoyed watching this episode for sure. I can’t wait to see Faarah’s transition & I can’t wait to see how she will incline towards her family; her Agha Jaan & her Wali.

This episode was all about Wali & Faarah’s deal. Finally, Wali has spilled the beans as to why he dragged Faarah from Lahore to their guest house, he wanted to put things into perspective that too his way. He has gone through enough & he has seen Agha Jaan suffering enough, that is why he made sure to convey the message loud & clear to Faarah as to how he doesn’t care much about her anymore & the only person that matters to him is Agha Jaan so he will go to any lengths to make him happy. At times, Wali did become a bit too stern with Faarah but when he needed to, he softened his tone to make her understand what he wanted. I liked the fact that Wali didn’t beat around the bush & came straight to his point of interest; he chose his words wisely & with a lot of honesty, which I feel was the thing that convinced Faarah to agree to Wali’s deal the most.

Faarah on her own did some thinking & reflected upon how this deal wasn’t a bad idea to begin with. For her, the thing she wants the most for now is to get divorced from Wali but I liked how she recalled what her father told her, ‘jo bhi faisla karna dil se karna, lekin shert ye hai ke dil aaine ki tarhaan saaf hona chahiye’, this is something that hit her the most & served more as a reality check because Faarah’s heart is not at all free from prejudice against both; Agha Jaan & Wali. I am sure this is something she will understand pretty soon that her decision of filing from divorce didn’t come straight from her heart, but was instilled in her by her mother; Ruhina, who isn’t clean-hearted at all. Faarah will understand that her heart never allowed her to do the things she was told rather forced to do & that will change her completely because the way she spoke about the ongoing war of ego between Ruhina & Agha Jaan indicated how she is well aware of the fact that Ruhina doesn’t care about her daughter as well.

I absolutely loved the way Agha Jaan welcomed Faarah warmheartedly, this is why Faarah also couldn’t stop herself from getting overwhelmed. Even though Behroz & Ruhina have loved her all her life, but after Behroz, Faarah never got the love she yearned for & it is only Agha Jaan who connected to her on that level, that is why every now & then we do get to see her thinking about Agha Jaan, which makes me happy for her. Yes, as much as Faarah has remained unreasonable, she also has been the one who wanted to keep things simple & uncomplicated, she was the one who was dignified enough to remind her mother repeatedly about how shameless she was being by using Agha Jaan’s money ruthlessly. I feel Faarah is also the one who has suffered the most after she lost Behroz because her life turned upside down & she herself saw her mother turning into a monster who wasn’t even ready to budge & who wasn’t there for her daughter when she needed her the most, so yes, keeping these things in mind, I am happy that Faarah has finally come to the right place, yes, her journey was anything but nice, but if we look at the bigger picture, like Wali said, this is the perfect scenario that would benefit each & every one of them.

For me, the star of this episode was Hareem Farooq. I loved her acting tonight, she really has outdone herself & she has given a perfect face, perfect personality & perfect aura to the character of Arjumand. For Arjumand’s sake, I really wished that Wali would tell her about the deal between him & Faarah but he chose to remain silent. Even though the way Wali explained himself & the whole situation to his mother was spot on, but I do believe Arjumand deserved that much of an explanation from Wali because indirectly, she has suffered at the hands of Ruhina & Faarah as well by seeing her father-like father-in-law & her beloved son worried & restless due to this mother-daughter duo. Arjumand’s pain & anguish was justified & just like everyone else, she has a reason to be angry as well because her life has always revolved around her people & Faarah isn’t one of them. I loved the way Faarah bluntly refused to do any such thing that Ruhina ordered her, this way, Ruhina will understand that leaving Faarah alone to punish her wasn’t a good idea at all & also she will understand that she is the one who has driven Faarah away from herself. I am glad that even though all this has started on a bitter note where Faarah was abandoned by her mother & she didn’t get treated nicely by Wali, this will eventually end up being one of the best things that happened to her.

I loved how attention to detail is a part of every episode because the way Faarah came bare footed out of the boat told the story of how she was dragged without even getting a chance to grab the essentials however, I really think they have ignored the travelling time between Lahore & Gilgit & also they haven’t justified the geographical locations of these places because they already were in Skardu when Wali spoke about going to Islamabad on his way to Haveli which already is in Gilgit & falls right before it, hehe, but never mind, these things really don’t take away from the fact that Diyar-e-Dil is one amazing drama & the hard work of the whole team behind making this drama is evident every step of the way. Please share your thoughts about tonight’s episode & thank you for waiting for the review. :)

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