Diyar-e-Dil – Episode 25! <3

Ohkay so, this episode of Diyar-e-Dil was brilliant as always & it took the story forward too because looks like where a lot of aspects got covered & few things are coming to a closure as well. I really like the way the director & the writer have taken their sweet time in revealing the story & taking things forward because it has given us a lot of time to understand each one of them properly where we now can look through them & understand what they’re going through.

I absolutely loved the opening scene between Agha Jaan, Faarah & Wali. “My handsome Agha Jaan”, it was really sweet of Faarah to share some laughter with her grandfather, this is exactly what she yearned for & this is exactly what Agha Jaan & Wali wanted too. Wali’s expression told a story of how happy he was seeing his grandfather having a good time with his granddaughter but sadly, Moeez’s entry made things worse & forced him to misunderstand Faarah. To be honest, even though the role reversal has made the story even more interesting, I really do feel for Faarah now because Wali is misunderstanding her for all the wrong reasons & she is trying to do everything Wali demanded from her but the difference is, she isn’t doing it forcefully as, she herself wants to make Agha Jaan happy now. Moeez came like a dark cloud & ruined everything for Faarah as well as Wali. Just when Wali started to see that Faarah & Agha Jaan were having a great time together, Moeez’s visit compelled Wali to think the otherwise & that is why he accused Faarah of being an actor & for playing with Agha Jaan’s feelings. I really didn’t want Faarah to hear all that, that too after she has been through so much. I really thought may be Wali’d be able to see through her transition but unfortunately that didn’t happen. I don’t blame Wali either because he has seen Faarah at her worse all these years, so it was imperative that he wouldn’t have misunderstood her. Wali knows what no one else knows; like Faarah accepting a ring from Moeez, Faarah leaving college with Moeez & Faarah receiving his phone calls, so this was enough for Wali to convince himself that Faarah was still not doing everything from her heart & it was all an act to begin with because she was eager to free herself from their Nikkah. To be honest, I really felt bad when I didn’t see Faarah retaliating in front of Wali, she didn’t say a word because she actually was quite hurt to know that her love for Agha Jaan was being understood. The way she walked with her body language embodying defeat actually made me feel for her because for once, she was at a happy place after Behroz’s death & that was being taken away from her only because of Moeez.

Any sympathies with Ruhina, people? Yes, I know the answer is still no. She is getting just exactly what she deserves for trusting wrong people all her life & for doubting her husband & his family. Ruhina could never in her wildest dream imagine that of all the people, Moeez would be the one who’d misbehave with her that too in front of his parents & they wouldn’t say a word to him. Tajjamul did try to cover up what his son did but Ruhina was too absorbed in the self-pity once again. The way she tried to convey a message of how hurt she was made me say ‘not again’ because this is exactly what she has done all her life. Ruhina needs to snap out of the ‘I’m a victim’ phase & needs to understand that the world doesn’t revolve around her anymore, at least it did when Behroz was alive because she was a center of his universe but too bad, she stepped on him & didn’t pay him back at all for being sincere to her for 20 years of his life.

I actually enjoyed the scene between Arjumand & Faarah too. Arjumand waited quite patiently for her departure but now when she saw that Faarah’s not going anywhere & she got to see the comfort zone that Agha Jaan & Faarah were sharing, she took it as her duty to remind her that she shouldn’t do anything anymore that would distress Agha Jaan. I really like the way Zarmeenay & Arjumand make sure that nothing ever happens to Agha Jaan because for them, he is everything, he’s the head of their family & he’s their father. Just when Wali got relaxed thinking Faarah has come to her senses & he didn’t need to bother about her anymore, Moeez’s entry made him & Arjumand doubtful about Faarah once again. Arjumand has her reservations when it comes to Faarah because she knows that Faarah demanded a divorce & Wali knows exactly why, that is why Faarah now has to do everything to subside their misunderstanding but before that, she has to be very cautious of the trap Moeez’s weaving around her.

The mention of General Feroze & Laila brought a smile to my face. I love how the connection with them wasn’t lost even though they were never given a lot of screen time but the relation Agha Jaan & General Feroze shared was given such a detailed coverage in the beginning that their friendship remains very special. Zarmeenay & Ebaad’s proposal will bring some good times for Agha Jaan’s family but I loved how strategically this part was introduced that too when Faarah was in the Haveli because I knew that this will lead Faarah to question Agha Jaan about the forced Nikkah between her & Wali & she will get all the answers that she was looking for. This is the only thing that needs to be cleared because then only Faarah will be able to see that just like her Wali was forced into this relation too but he accepted it gracefully & not only that, he respected his wife & gave her love too but she always doubted him & accused him for something he himself wasn’t responsible for. I loved the conversation Faarah had with Agha Jaan about her picture; it made her realize that she has once in her life met Suhaib too.

Overall, it was such a perfect episode with some amazing dialogues & conversations. I love this chirpy & happy Faarah much more than the angry bird Faarah, hehe. Also, I love how very little gestures done by these actors make every episode complete. The way Arjumand made Wali eat some fruits while he was rubbing Agha Jaan’s feet made them all look like one perfect family that overcame the tough times together & now were having some good time after the dust has settled. I must say, Ahmad Zeb has been so convincing as Moeez, that he deserves a round of applause. I think of all the villains in this drama, he has been the most interesting character & Ahmad Zeb has done justice to Moeez’s role completely. I must say, the different shots of the location makes it look all very genuine & gives this drama & it’s story a lot of depth; almost making me feel that some parallel world exists somewhere & has some people that are going through such situations that we all can relate to, massive props to the team of Diyar-e-Dil for choosing such a perfect place & making it absolutely amazing for all of us. Also, I don’t want to make this discussion all about the next episode but what Faarah said about Agha Jaan in the preview’s making me depressed already. Please don’t let anything happen to himmm, please please pleaseee!!! Anyways, please share your beautiful thoughts about this beautiful episode of Diyar-e-Dil. :)

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