Diyar-e-Dil – Episode 28! <3

Ohkay so, shall I say that again? Yes, you guessed it right, I am in loveee with this drama & this episode was equally special. I love love love the way they are showcasing the feelings of all the characters because it makes us connect & relate to them on a very different level. Honestly, to see the ticker of Episode # 28 made my heart sink because it dawned on me that Diyar-e-Dil would be ending soon & I had a little sobbing session too because I just don’t want it to end. :/

So, finally, Moeez Tajjamul Wali ke haathon to nahi lekin Faarah ke haathon zaya ho hi gaya. I couldn’t stop laughing when Faarah was telling Moeez off because one, he deserved it, two, he asked for it & three, it showed how much Faarah’s in love with her husband Wali. All the things that Faarah said to Moeez told the story of how much respect she has for her grandfather & what Wali means to her. I must say I love how the trait of honesty has never been ignored in Faarah’s journey because when her character was introduced, they made sure to let us know that Faarah’s all about being honest & that is why, all the things she said to Moeez were a perfect reminder of that. It takes a lot of courage to accept your faults & even admit your feelings no matter how misleading they were & this is exactly what Faarah did. Without blaming anyone, without looking for excuses & without beating around the bush, she straight away told Moeez that she was never interested in him & didn’t want a relationship of that sort with him too. I think it was very brave of Faarah to accept that she once considered Moeez’s proposal but not anymore because she herself can’t stand the idea of being labeled as someone with a stained character. I loved how Faarah left Moeez speechless & didn’t give him a chance to utter more gibberish because honestly, she has had enough & that is why she reminded him again that she won’t let anyone disrespect Agha Jaan & Wali; her grandfather & her husband. I think Maya Ali was brilliant in that scene because I don’t know why but I feel the love Faarah has for Wali was evident in that scene; through her eyes & her expressions especially, because when she was letting Moeez know that he’s making things difficult for her, it kind of highlighted how eager she is to make things work with her husband, her Wali; the one she loves!

I loved the way Faarah reached out to Agha Jaan for some guidance because after Behroz, it is only Agha Jaan who can comfort her & lead her towards the right path. That whole conversation was written brilliantly where Agha Jaan used his own example to explain what Faarah should do & what approach she must resort to in order to mend her relationship with Wali & Arjumand. The way Agha Jaan put forth his own experience, feelings & his efforts of making things right was a perfect way of explaining things to Faarah. The conversation where Agha Jaan slightly told Arjumand to give Faarah a chance was very intelligent, it went to show that Agha Jaan clearly understood the things that Faarah didn’t even mention because he himself can see how hard she’s been trying to win Arjumand over. I must say I really liked the way Zarmeenay tried to rationalize Faarah’s previous mistakes & behavior in front of her mother as well. Zarmeenay has understood exactly what Wali used to tell her about Faarah that she is under the bad influence of her mother, that is why she is behaving that way & it was very sweet of Zarmeenay to repeat the exact same words because it went to show that she can now relate to what Wali used to say about Faarah before. Even though Arjumand is being a bit too stern but somehow I understand her state of mind. Faarah is the one who caused distress to her beloved son & insulted her father-like Agha Jaan, that is why she is not ready to give her a chance as she accepted Faarah only because of Agha Jaan, Suhaib & Behroz but now when she knows that this is exactly what Faarah demanded, she thinks it’s best to let things be the way they are & she is in no mood to forgive Faarah. I am sure after analyzing the situation herself & after a little push from Agha Jaan, Arjumand will move on but I think she is right in her own accord where she is making it very clear that Faarah has to work hard in order to win her over.

Now talking about the conversation Faarah had with Wali. It was sweet, honest & heartfelt but sadly, the result of that conversation was not what Faarah (& we all) expected. Even though it took a lot for Faarah to muster up the courage & confess that she is ready to give this Nikkah a chance & even though she started off the conversation at a right note, she forgot to add a little detail that she herself has fallen in love with Wali & she wants to stay with him because of ‘him’ & not because of Agha Jaan, Suhaib, Behroz or anyone else. I guess that’s where Wali missed the whole point because he still thinks she wants to stay with him because she now wants to make Agha Jaan happy. I so wish Faarah had straight out told him the truth about how much she respects & loves him but she chose a different approach which Wali misunderstood once again. Wali on his own was right too, he really feels it would be unreasonable & against his dignity to stay married to Faarah when she doesn’t love him & he clearly said what he had on his mind. Wali’s honesty is commendable too, he only wanted Faarah to stay with Agha Jaan & that was the only ulterior motive behind bringing her to the Haveli. Obviously & once again, all the things Wali said to Faarah made her feel even more guilty because she felt bad for misunderstanding him & blaming him for all the things he never was responsible for. I so so so wish Faarah had told him then & there that she has fallen in love with him but I guess they’re saving the best bits for the last. :) It also is so very obvious that Wali still loves his wife; Faarah but he loves her enough to let go of her, for her own happiness & I can’t wait to see how he will realize that she doesn’t love anyone but him!

This episode was packed with a lot of emotions, some very sweet moments & some touching moments too. I can’t emphasize enough on how beautiful & refined Maya Ali looks in Diyar-e-Dil. I think whoever her stylist is; she should hire him/her for the rest of her life because they have done an amazing job on her. Maya Ali herself is really pretty but she has never looked this pretty before. I must say the camera work, the crisp picture quality & screenplay is making Diyar-e-Dil a treat to watch too, I think these are the little details that have given this drama a very unique feel. While watching Diyar-e-Dil, I always feel like a dream is being translated on my screen, it seems so surreal & beautiful. I absolutely love love love this drama & all the characters & actors (a few excluded of course). Osman Khalid Butt has been perfect as Wali & I think no one else could’ve done justice to his character. Hareem Farooq was phenomenal in this episode too because it’s been a while that she got this much screen time, the way she speaks through her expressions is amazing & it shows that she has come a long way in terms of acting too. In my opinion, all the credit goes to the director for bringing out the best in all these actors. Can’t wait for the next episode already & pleaseee share your beautiful thoughts about this beautiful episode of Diyar-e-Dil. :)

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ps: Wishing you all a very Happy Eid in advance & oh, I just feel like mentioning that I typed this review with Henna-clad hands because…you guys are very special. <3 Have a great Eid! :)

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