Do Bol Episode 23 & 24 Story Review – Beautiful Drama

Opening Thoughts – Gaiti’s Perspective:

Ohkay so, this episode of Do Bol focused more on the all the feelings & emotions that Gaiti was experiencing. The slow & steady change in Gaiti’s perspective & thought process has been shown beautifully in this drama & now this episode marked the defining moment of her relationship with Badar.

Gaiti Finally Admitted That She Loves Badar:

Gaiti did come back to Badar after being thrown out of Nafees’ place but still, all this while she was there, she could not take Badar out of her mind. Badar did think Gaiti came back because she had nowhere to go but he didn’t know that it was Gaiti’s love towards him that brought her back to his place. Badar did persuade Gaiti to come to a final conclusion because he wanted to do right by her. Ever since Gaiti left & he received those divorce papers, Badar has only doubted & questioned the integrity of this relationship. Badar knows that this relationship means a lot to him but despite that, he doesn’t want to prevent Gaiti from living the life she desires or dreams of. Badar started feeling that Gaiti came back only due to her helplessness & that is why he told her clearly that he will have no issues if she decides to leave.

Gaiti knew that she wanted to stay with Badar, she has fallen in love with him but till the time Badar made his intentions clear, she hadn’t addressed those feelings herself. Till date, Gaiti knew that Badar loved her but she herself did not admit that she also had feelings for him but then thanks to Sameer she was forced to think on those lines.

Sameer has now started to act like a spoiled brat who refuses to take no for an answer. I will admit that I like how the writer has shown Sameer to be a kind & harmless person & has only shown that the circumstances were never in his favour because of which he could not do what he wanted to in order to win Gaiti’s heart, but now his feelings have turned into an obsession which is a bit too much. Sameer knows that he has been misunderstood by Gaiti but only to find himself a chance of meeting her, he ended up pushing her to the limit where she was forced to confess that she was in love with Badar. Gaiti finally let Badar know that she was ready to spend the rest of her life with him & Badar could not believe it. That entire scene was nicely done.

On Iqbal’s side, he couldn’t cope up with the news of Jahan Ara’s demise, it broke & shattered him completely & may be that’s why, he decided to let go of any such ill feelings that he had towards anyone because Iqbal also learned that holding so much hatred & anger in his heart was doing no good to him or his family. May be that’s why Iqbal not only forgave Zafar but also found it in his heart to forgive & welcome Gaiti back in his life too. Nafeesa’s patience & persistence is commendable & I also love how both Nasreen & Nafeesa find the time to unwind & confide in each other. Nasreen at first did seem to be a little selfish but I like how they have shown her sharing such a healthy relationship with Nafeesa, where she feels for her a lot & always lends her emotional support too.

In last week’s episode of Do Bol, during Neelam’s rukhsati scene, they showed that Zafar attended the wedding but in this week’s episode, they suggested as if he brought home now for the first time that too after having him jailed. I found this to be a little glitch because last week there was a conversation too where Iqbal tells Munawwar to hurry up with Neelam’s wedding before Zafar’s issue is blown out of proportion & he causes more harm as by that time Zafar had already left for Malaysia supposedly. Anyways, Zafar came back but he didn’t feel ashamed at what he has done, in fact he vowed to destroy his own uncles because they exposed him. Firdous tried really hard to win her place back by playing the sympathy card but she is well aware of the fact that Zafar’s attitude will land her in deep trouble.

Jamshed filmed Gaiti’s final meeting with Sameer & on the other hand even Fareeha was trying to plant a seed of doubt in Badar’s heart against Gaiti too. It seems Gaiti will have to make some more effort in order to prove her love & purity of her intentions in front of Badar because the circumstances will state the otherwise.

Closing Thoughts – Beautiful Drama:

Overall, this episode like all the previous episodes of Do Bol was superb. I loved Hira Mani’s calm & composed acting as Gaiti. She made it obvious that despite the circumstances not being in her favour, she was at peace & was ready to take her life as it comes. It is commendable how such intricate & complex emotions have been conveyed by Hira Mani with such effortlessness. Affan Waheed & all the supporting actors have done a wonderful job too. The entire team of Do Bol should take a bow for creating & giving the viewers such a beautiful drama. Please share your thoughts about this episode of Do Bol.

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