Do Bol Episode 25 & 26 Story Review – Brilliant Performances

Opening Thoughts – Sweet Moments:

Ohkay so, this episode of Do Bol had a lot of offer – some sweet & some bitter moments. It is amazing how everything is falling into place & I can’t wait for the last episode tomorrow. In literal sense, Team Do Bol has proved that when simple stories are executed nicely, they make such beautiful dramas.

Iqbal Has Changed Completely:

Iqbal decided to welcome Gaiti & Badar back into his life. The credit for it definitely goes to Nafeesa because it was due to her patience & persistence that she succeeded in convincing Iqbal to change his mind & accept the fact that he could never stay on bad terms with his only daughter. Badar respected Iqbal’s wish & took Gaiti to see her entire family. That entire scene along with Gaiti & Iqbal’s heart to heart was so emotional & well-executed, but I chuckled seeing Firdous acting as a typical Pupho who could not see everyone happy. I also liked the way Nafeesa tackled Firdous in this entire situation where she just listened to her quietly & didn’t say much as she was well aware of the kind of attitude Firdous generally had towards her family. It is also quite interesting to see how despite knowing everything that Zafar has done, Firdous continues to test everyone to see if they still respect her or not.

Gaiti & Badar shared a few good moments together but then Jamshed who kept on blackmailing Gaiti ended up doing what he was threatening her about. Badar was already confused after all the things he had heard from Fareeha that is why he found it hard to ignore the evidence that Jamshed presented & the picture that he painted in front of Badar. To be honest, I don’t really get Fareeha’s character & her involvement in this entire matter. She dislikes Gaiti & doesn’t want her to settle with Sameer, that’s fine but the phone call that she made to Badar in order to warn him was uncalled for. It is too obvious that Fareeha has got no life of her own, she is faarigh in literal sense that is why she has picked up Gaiti as a subject of her time pass & that is why she can’t stop yapping about her. Fareeha’s attitude is exactly like her hairstyle & styling – TACKY!

Sameer has turned out to be an annoying character. It is amusing how he acts all genteel & decent but all the things that he does scream the opposite. It was good to know that Sameer did acknowledge it in front of Rameen that everything between him & Gaiti was over but not sure why is he going to call Gaiti as shown in the preview of the next episode. Badar tried really hard to ignore everything but the constant reminders from all the sides are definitely going to cloud his judgment for a while. I did like the fact that even after hearing all those bad things about Gaiti, Badar did not show any reaction to make Fareeha or Jamshed feel that he was believing them. Badar has kept everything to himself & is analysing the situation, let’s see what happens.

Closing Thoughts – Beautiful Performances:

Overall, this episode of Do Bol was emotional & packed with beautiful performances. The father daughter scene acted beautifully by Mehmood Aslam & Hira Mani was the highlight of this episode. The preview of the next episode seems dramatic & it seems that they still have a lot to show, so I am eagerly waiting to see that. Please share your thoughts about this episode of Do Bol.

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