Do Bol Episode 3 & 4 Story Review – Feel Good Drama

Opening Thoughts – Feel Good Drama:

Ohkay so, this episode of Do Bol took the story forward in a convincing manner. So far, it can be said that the story of this drama is going to be pretty simple but this is what the beauty of Sarwar Nazeer’s writing is that she takes simplest of plots & gives them a whole new meaning. I am sure Do Bol is going to turn into such a drama that will only have good things to offer.

Gaiti Stands Up For Herself Against All Odds:

Gaiti was convinced that Sameer loved her. Sameer had said enough to let Gaiti know that he wanted to marry her & undoubtedly, his intentions were pure. Sameer is someone who has loved Gaiti since they were kids, therefore it made it very easy for Gaiti to believe him & even she found this idea of love very tempting. Gaiti has lived her life without the love of her father, a male figure that happens to be the most important person in a daughter’s life, that is why, this kind of attention & care coming from Sameer was enough to sweep her off her feet. Unfortunately, little did Gaiti know that as much as she’d try chasing this dream, she will keep on falling in a bottomless pit. One thing happened after another which made things complicated & grew Gaiti distant from Sameer.

Iqbal, who doesn’t really care much for Gaiti thought that just to mend Firdous Apa’s broken heart, he had to compensate & marry Zafar to Gaiti. The kind of father Iqbal is, who sees his daughter as a burden, he didn’t even think for a second that Gaiti is not a child anymore & she has feelings & most importantly the right to choose her life partner. Iqbal has only dictated Gaiti, probably because he could not dictate his first wife, therefore he makes Gaiti compensate for that & because of that reason he chose Zafar for Gaiti, while completely ignoring the kind of guy he is.

In this episode, I found Firdous Apa’s character quite interesting, like I had a good time understanding her & how her mind works. Firdous Apa doesn’t like Gaiti one bit but she knows that Zafar likes her so she agreed to this marriage but it was interesting to see how she made it seem that she was doing Iqbal a huge favor because she feels for him. Not only that, Firdous Apa has made sure that Iqbal does not forget about Jahan Ara, probably because she knows that it riles him up & he kind of loses his sense of judgment without it being clouded with negativity. While taking about Gaiti & Zafar’s marriage, Firdous used Jahan Ara’s name to paint a picture in front of Iqbal that Gaiti takes after her mother & because she has refused to get married to Zafar, there’s no guarantee that she won’t leave him after the marriage, exactly how Jahan Ara left Iqbal. Not only that, Firdous hit the bullseyes because it compelled Iqbal to do some thinking & then she put forth her demands too which was to make sure Zafar gets financial security as a reward for this marriage. No wonder why in this household despite the fact that both her brothers are married & have opinionated wives, Firdous Apa has succeeded in having full control over both Iqbal & Munawwar, especially Iqbal.

Badar tried to sabotage Sameer & Gaiti’s relationship. Who would’ve thought that someone who looks so harmless could actually say something like this to malign Sameer’s heart against Gaiti. At first I thought what Badar did was a sheer display or cowardice but later when he regretted & then confessed his feelings to Gaiti, it made me change my mind. Badar knows that he does not stand a chance whatsoever, plus he saw how Gaiti was in love with Sameer but still he decided to let her know what he feels for her, which is something that a coward would never do. Badar genuinely loves her, even thought Gaiti has not done anything for him to feel that way, she insults him, she thinks of him as a nobody but still Badar loves her & wanted to let her know that.

I really like Nafeesa’s character, she is the only voice of reason in Gaiti’s life as well as that entire house. Munawwar did seem a little disappointed that Iqbal was marrying Gaiti off to Zafar but he chose to stay silent because he has saved his daughter so he decided to not interfere in Iqbal’s affair. Munawwar does respect Firdous Apa a lot but when it comes to his family, he doesn’t let her rule him which actually is wise of him. Munawwar also has a regard for his wife which unfortunately Iqbal doesn’t. It seems Iqbal thinks that the only woman worthy of his respect is his sister Firdous because she has painted this image of herself in front of him. I liked how Gaiti decided to do something & she didn’t just sit still, yes, she did get caught but at least she took a stand for herself by openly refusing to get married to Zafar. I really like how Gaiti’s character is turning out to be, she knows that things are never in her favor, yet she doesn’t shy away from doing what her heart desires. It was unfortunate that Fareeha put a bad word about Gaiti in front of Safina, who already wasn’t too convinced with Sameer’s choice. Also, it was nicely balanced that it wasn’t only Gaiti who was trying to do something about this situation, Sameer was equally active & involved, which showed that he was eager too.

Closing Thoughts – Very Impressive:

Overall, this episode of Do Bol was really nice & I had a great time watching it. I like how it has such a good & warm vibe, even though this drama does showcase family politics but the best part is that the negativity isn’t too overpowering. The direction is flawless & all the actors have done a wonderful job. Hira Mani looks ravishing & I think she hasn’t looked this good in any of her previous dramas, the director really has captured her beauty perfectly. I think Hira Mani shows that an actress can look beautiful in lesser makeup, yes her hairstyling does seem a bit too well put together for an ordinary girl but her makeup is perfect. The OST is perfect too & the editors have really used it meticulously. All the other actors have contributed in making this drama complete. Really impressed & looking forward to the next episode which promises a lot more drama. Please share your thoughts about this episode of Do Bol.

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