Mere Humdam Episode 7 – Story Review

Opening Thoughts – Nothing New:

Ohkay so, the story of Mere Humdam has nothing new or good to offer. I waited for a few weeks to see if there’s any progress in the story before reviewing it because the previous episodes were not giving me much to discuss. For now, I am only watching Mere Humdam without any expectations because it is quite average & hasn’t really been special. The characters are one-dimensional & the story is quite boring till now.

Warda & Haris Are Bound To Fall Apart:

Warda seems more interested in getting Osama married which I find a little odd considering the issues she has with her husband which need her attention & not Osama’s marriage. The fixation of everyone in this drama with Osama’s marriage is beyond me, be it his mother, Warda & now Aiman as well. Aiman has pretty much signed her heart to Osama but he is not interested.

Haris is shady, he says he has nothing to give to Paras but everytime she called it quits after being forced by Osama, Haris made sure she doesn’t forget about him. Even though Haris has made Paras look like a culprit in this situation but he himself is used to the idea of being longed for by someone like Paras, who is not his wife, because he is selfish.

Warda continued to be suspicious about Haris but she didn’t really do much, apart from some ranting here & there that too in front of Osama. Warda knows that Haris is not really going to pay heed to whatever she expects from him, that is why she relies on Osama & pours her heart out to him. Osama really wants Warda to be happy that is why he goes out of the way to stop anything from happening that will sadden her but unfortunately, no matter what Osama does, it is Haris who needs to fix his attitude.

To be honest, as much as Daadi tries to sound sweet, she is definitely someone who can get on your nerves. Firstly, she is solely responsible for how Haris has turned out, secondly, she is now forcing them to have kids, what after 3 months of their marriage? It is too obvious that it is going to be her ladla who would be having some issues but he will lie to Warda & guilt trip her to rub his bruised ego. Actually, it is a fact that this marriage is bound to fail, first it was Paras, now even she has left, then Haris’ attitude, now when has started to become responsible too, this new issue will be raised, which will further crush Warda’s self-esteem & confidence. Warda is meant to be with Osama that is why he is stalling getting married, so not sure how long will they drag the story before making that happen. The marriage of Warda & Haris is a disaster so it should end ASAP.

Closing Thoughts – Below Average:

Honestly speaking, I never really had much expectations from this drama but I didn’t expect it to be below average either. Sarah Khan is so talented but unfortunately, she is wasting her talent in dramas like these. If she had chosen her projects wisely, she’d been an A lister actor but sadly, it seems she just signs whatever project comes her way. I think Sarah Khan should be more selective & picky. The cast is doing alright, the direction isn’t too impressive & the story is way too boring. Since they had so many car scenes, they should have worked harder to make them look real because that background cut paste job is horrible & hideous. It shows the attention to detail of the director. Anyways, please share your thoughts about this episode of Mere Humdam.

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