Do Bol Episode 7 & 8 Story Review – Treat To Watch

Opening Thoughts – Insight Into The Characters:

Ohkay so, this episode of Do Bol was comparatively on the slower side but that was because they strategically showed the initial very crucial couple of days after Gaiti & Badar’s marriage. This episode dwelled more into details of the situation that both the families were faced with & the insight into all the characters that were involved. It was a well-made & well-executed episode & I can’t wait to see how the relationship between Badar & Gaiti will blossom.

Gaiti Is Resenting While Badar Is Trying:

Gaiti was pretty sure that she didn’t want to live here & that she wanted to go to Karachi to be with her biological mother. Badar was also having a hard time understanding how things were going to shape up but then his friend Lateef tried to put things into perspective. What I really liked about this entire situation was that the writer didn’t show Badar being in control of everything, from his emotions to having a complete idea of what he should be doing. Badar is a flawed character too & that is the beauty of this drama that is relies on showing every character in a realistic manner. Badar was not only unsure but he was also feeling guilty but then Lateef tried to make him understand all the things he needed to do. Lateef’s best advice that came Badar’s way was that he should not try to get Gaiti but rather should do whatever it takes to win her over.

In this entire episode & during all the interactions that Gaiti & Badar had, it was really interesting how Gaiti was stuck on one page but Badar’s attitude was fluctuating, where at times he tried to break the ice by cracking some jokes, trying to make her laugh, at times he commanded her, trying to make her realize that he is her husband & he can do that & then at times being patient but then losing it too. Badar’s state of mind was elaborated flawlessly by the writer & both director & Affan Waheed excelled in making it come across clearly.

Gaiti was not bothered about anything & anyone. She stood her ground & even informed Badar’s family that she does not want to stay here. Qudsia was unsure of how she should be reacting, again at times she saw Gaiti as her daughter in law but then she also couldn’t contain herself from sharing her disappointment at how Badar & Gaiti got married. Badar may seem a bit slow but he surely is very wise & present-minded. The way Badar immediately turned everything against his Khala by saying that her attitude was what forced Gaiti to walk away & ignore her was very amusing, it shows that Badar will do what it takes to protect Gaiti from facing any unnecessary pressures. Another aspect that was covered brilliantly was how despite not wanting to Gaiti had a few conversations with Badar about him, his family & other random stuff. Obviously that wasn’t deliberate but it showed that Gaiti was not cutting herself off from the reality & was very much aware of whatever was happening in her surroundings.

I felt for Nafeesa a lot in this episode. Nafeesa was not only sad but seeing everyone being just so aloof to whatever happened with Gaiti also kept on reminding her that no one cared for her & her daughter was all alone. Nafeesa was the only one who was eager to see Gaiti just so that she could find out how she was doing. Iqbal asked Firdous about what he had done to deserve all this, I think in stead of asking others, he should ask himself as to where he went wrong. It is unfortunate that after years & years of mistreating Gaiti, he still doesn’t see where the problem lies. I am eager to know what Jahan Ara did & what was her reason of leaving Iqbal, they have really hyped it up so I guess its high time that they give us the actual explanation.

Firdous continued to plan & plot because she saw this as a golden opportunity to shape up Zafar’s future. Sameer met an accident & he was recovering, while feeling guilty for leaving Gaiti in such a position where she had to face all that. Badar does not want to, but every single time he ends up lying to Gaiti about Sameer making sure that she starts hating Sameer for betraying her. Badar does that but then immediately he regrets it all too. I think this is one of the biggest shortcoming of Badar where unwillingly but consciously he lies to Gaiti. Having said that, I will definitely say that I like how the writer has shown Badar’s character as a little selfish, like every person has that streak & Badar is selfish too but what balances it out is the fact that he immediately feels guilty when he does something wrong. I think this is only because he is insecure & has loved Gaiti with all his heart. Badar knows that Gaiti does not love him, that is why he sometimes does things like these to push Sameer out of Gaiti’s heart only to make a place for himself. I think later when Gaiti will start to feel the love Badar has for her, she will also have some influence on him & this shortcoming of Badar will be sorted as he will try to be a better version of himself for Gaiti. Badar’s insecurities will subside when Gaiti will start loving him too. I like how the writer has added these minute details in all these characters which is quite interesting to explore.

Closing Thoughts – A Treat To Watch:

Overall, this episode of Do Bol was really nice. It was good to see two different people trying to figure a way out, where one wanted to run away & the other one was trying to find a solution to make this marriage work. Affan Waheed was the star of this episode, he flawlessly portrayed all the shades of Badar’s personality & this character is so well-written too. Those minute expressions & sudden change in Badar’s attitude within few seconds was some exceptional work done there by Affan Waheed. It is kind of random but I am not sure who decided the look for Badar’s character & styled him? The hybrid of Kurti/Kameez-Chooridaar/Trouser that Badar wears is so unflattering plus the fact that it is so tight that even the seams of his vest are always visible makes it all very unflattering like I said. I do understand that they have tried to show him as a guy belonging to a humble background so for that matter good old simple Shalwar Kameez would’ve done a perfect job too. Also, the length of his Kurti/Kameez is so awkward too & yes I am deliberately calling it a Kurti & not a Kurta, lol. Anyways, Affan Waheed acted brilliantly in this episode & I can’t wait to see more of Badar’s character. Hira Mani did exceptionally well too, I am really happy with the leading duo, they sre going to make this drama a treat to watch. The OST is my recent favorite too. Looking forward to the rest of the drama. please share your thoughts about this episode of Do Bol.

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  • Hi zara! Started binge watching this serial because of good reviews + ratings.. not sold out till now.. story is similar to “woh mera dil tha” while WMDT was more realistic and directed better. Do bol’s editing is giving star plus feel at many places.. slow motions and loud background musics. Anyways will continue till end.

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