Dumpukht- Atish-e-Ishq Episode 12 Review – Role reversal?

Amongst a cast of stellar performers, Nimmo manages to hold her own with her spontaneous acting and flawless dialogue delivery- “Haroon Bhai kaunsey Salman Khan hain”… she has a keen understanding of her environment and is wise beyond her years even though she’s easily dismissed as being foolish and playful. Bibi seems genuinely excited about the wedding. She has developed a strong bond with Kulsoom and trusts her enough to confide her innermost desires- she beseeches her to make dua so she can bear a child. Kulsoom’s innocence has won Bibi and she believes that her prayers will not go unanswered- isn’t it ironic how the Murshid has become the Mureed? Bibi’s love for Habibullah and her insecurities over losing him to another woman are constantly on her mind. Bibi invited Kulsoom to select her wedding dress and Habibullah couldn’t help but steal glances. Habibullah has made up his mind that he will have the woman he loves even though she’s simply a reminder of his Beena and not someone he loves for who she is. He barely knows her yet what he knows is that he must have her- maybe to compensate for losing Beena?

Although Bibi feels that Habibullah would only remarry for the sake of an heir, finding out that Bibi is expecting doesn’t hinder his determination. What should have been the happiest moment of his life is more an inconvenience because of the sheer timing of the news. Bibi is a smart woman but I fear what Habibullah is capable of at this point where he is once again at crossroads and this time he’s not going to give up.

While Kulsoom has her mayyoun rasm, Wali arranges for Bilal to get intoxicated. Wali has paved the way for Habibullah to marry Kulsoom since Bilal’s disappearance is surely going to be an issue. I felt for Kulsoom knowing that she’s going to be forced to marry her Peer and furthermore she’ll be in Bibi’s bad books. And for Bilal- who has given up everything for her. What a sick, twisted game these two innocent souls have found themselves in! My heart goes out to these two knowing things are only going to get tougher from here on.

Kulsoom looked beautiful as the shy bride and I loved her outfit. Thankfully we were spared from having our eardrums damaged through Tahira’s shrieking as her appearance was minimal. Bibi’s softer side seems to be a temporary phase until such time that Habib declares his decision. I just hope we don’t have a typical dusri Shari fiasco as this drama has been quite intriguing thus far.

Looking forward to next week and curious to see how Habibullah changes his attitude towards Bibi. Or does he? Wonder how he’s going to hide the news of Bibi’s pregnancy and convince her that Kulsoom could be the answer to their prayers…

Until next week… what do you think happens next? Fingers crossed for unpredictability!

Kanwal Murtaza


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