Dumpukht- Atish-e-Ishq Episode 13- It’s time for the wedding

The best thing about this drama is it keeps you guessing. Seeing Habibullah’s reaction, I was pretty sure the news of Bibi’s pregnancy was an inconvenience. However, Habibullah had no qualms sharing the news which made Bibi ecstatic beyond words. For a moment there, Habibullah was contemplating calling off his khalifa but Wali didn’t take orders and convinced his Peer that everything will work out. It was heart -wrenching to see Wali bully Meher Nigar into silence by threatening to have Bilal imprisoned.

Bibi rushed to call Kulsoom as she was convinced that Kulchu’s prayers worked her miracle. Kulsoom narrated Bilal’s absence which had everyone in the household in a frenzy. I really liked Kulchu’s expressions of confusion and fear yet aside from that, she was also sad to leave her family behind. While her father exhibits genuine concern, I found it odd that Tahira had a change of heart spotting Kulchu in her bridal outfit. I would have liked to see her transition from the evil queen gradually to make it realistic but this sudden bout of emotions seemed forced. I loved Nimmo’s reaction- aaj aapko Kalchu pe itna pyar kyun araha hai jaise logon ko kisi ke marney pe ata hai... did Nimmo just predict Kulchu’s future? A life without Billu is not a life that she envisioned but it’s only going to get worse from here on.

Khalifa Sahab seems to have the perfect solution- Jab tak Bilal apney chillay se bahar nahin nikalta, Kulsoom Bibi apney Peer Habibullah ke nikah mein rahein gein… Bibi was furious to hear that Wali went against her wishes directly to Kulchu’s home. Little does Bibi know what’s brewing in the background. Wali reported that Billu had a dream that he was to recite a powerful wazifa- one bestowed on him by Bibi’s father. This was the story that explained Bilal’s disappearance but Wali also knew that Kulchu’s family is highly superstitious and the very mention of Peer will ensure their submission. Haroon is confident that this is in the family’s best interest and Kulchu’s father had to bow down in agreement.

I still don’t see how Wali will manage to pull this off in Bibi’s presence. How will Habibullah convince Bibi he’s only doing a random act of kindness by having Kulsoom in his nikah? Bibi seemed livid and voiced her distrust over Wali so I’m curious how the tables will turn. I have to say loved the outfits that everyone was wearing on the mehendi day and rukhsati. I liked seeing Haroon sneaking a peak at his love interest Sadaf. As always, Nimmo was an absolute delight and has the best dialogues. I missed Bilal in this episode and hope he finds a way home. I can’t begin to imagine how he’ll react once he finds out he was being set up all along to pave the way for Peer Sayeein’s happy ending. What sort of life awaits Kulchu? Will she go through with this nikah? Is this the end of her love story?

I can’t wait to see what transpires next week. It’s going to be an exciting episode for sure. So far, Dumpukht has been consistent in delivering week after week with plenty of flavours just like the title. Let’s hope it stays that way.

Kanwal Murtaza


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