Naml episode 27 Review- I am Haneen and I am Normal!

I cannot thank enough Nemrah Ahmed for this amazing episode and with such beautiful lessons which clear your mind and make you understand your worth. In the previous episode I was a bit disappointed for Haneen’s track as I felt her character needed more attention but after seeing the title of the coming episode I was over the moon to see her name.

Coming to the episode, the poetry was thought provoking it was actually a contrast between Kardashians….oops Kardaars and Yousuf’s Family. Haneen accepting her faults and repenting was in contrast with Hashim’s sins and his justifications. Same could be said about Naushervan and Saadi.

Faris, Zumar and Aabdaar:

I don’t know if Faris already knew about Niyaz baig or was he trying to give Hashim an indirect message don’t know but Faris failed this time. Faris and Ahmer’s scenes were hilarious, Whenever I read about Ahmer I always feel some Khair (good) in him.Yes, khair se yaad aaya Faris did something genius…JazakAllah u Khairan..hmmm who is this person it is still a mystery.

Faris- Zumar duo is always very hilarious, this couple cannot have a convo without tantrums and bullying but they still are sweethearts.

Yousuf’s Family’s Flaw: 

I have to admit what Hashim said to Naushervan about Yousuf’s  was right. Their self-image of being superior to others has affected them a lot. Zumar being a confident,strong and bold person was brutally broken after knowing the truth about her kidney failure and all the drama Hashim created to hurt her.

Naushervan reaching to the point of killing someone because of the frustration he lived with in which Saadi and Haneen did play a part. If we judge Naushervan as a person and acknowledge the tantrums and hate he was subjected to then it feels sad. Sometimes we in our self-righteous image criticize others so badly that we often forget this will not make us any better but will harbor so much hatred in others that they might take extreme measures to satisfy their ego.

I love this novel because they have not shown Yousuf’s as angels but they are truly human you know why because they repent and move on, unlike Kardaars who justify their acts and stay the same.

Still suspicious about Hashim: 

Ahh, my wishful thinking again I saw something in this episode which alarmed me and gave me hope to see Hashim turning to good. What Nudrat Aapa said to Hashim was heart wrenching, well even if it feels good that he might be guided but that guilt and regret would not let him live peacefully. Sigh!!!

Maybe he might change his mind after witnessing Naushervan’s life as he is slowly and gradually moving towards light. It gives me immense pleasure to see this change in Naushervan, that’s the positivity which is required.

Haneen- You are still not normal:

Haha…I think Osama was right when he was saying Hanna is overacting, I mean it wasn’t required to see her so much confident but ye tou banta haina boss she was back with a bang! And Osama such an adorable brother was eager to face the court just for giving a moral support to her sister.

Good job Hanna, I was really impressed by her answers and how intelligently she trapped Hashim . After all  Faris and Zumar had such an influence on her ab jis ghar main aise shaatir Mamun aur zaheen wakeel hongain, haneen could not be an exception.

DIY- idea was awesome and I believe every girl is talented and can use her talent in productive things.

Loved the way she stood for herself and what she said to Naushervan about Izzat was perfect!

I honestly can’t say much about it, because this episode have definitely taught girls some great lessons.

Saadi- The savior 

How can we forget hamara Saadi and how he used to be but in this episode we got a glimpse of old Saadi and that dialogue thrown towards Ahmer “ Tum Meri Maa nahi ho” was such a delight. Haha…I still enjoy this scene, Ahmer is a treat.

Coming to the last part of the episode….this is not done why every time its Zumar and her life being played for the sake of Kardaar’s selfishness. I believe everyone has suffered but Zumar did lose a lot.She is strong but this is too much, we all can’t see her suffer anymore. One more thing the last episode ended at someone killing someone in the court*** but after reading this episode it seems its Zumar being killed by Hashim.

Fingers crossed and all Namlians are in a dharna to  #SaveZumar because, She is worth it!

Share your thoughts about this episode and do tell me about how Haseena is having that gold…ahem ahem something fishy!!

Asma Jamali

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