Dumpukht- Atish-e-Ishq Episode 17- Hope floats

Mureedon ke ghar pe tum peerzadi paida hui ho... Sonia Mishaal was phenomenal in today’s episode and gave a strong and flawless performance. I admire Kulsoom for her perseverance and her self respect- Bhaagi toh mein tab bhi nahin thi, jab woh merey saath Khara tha… Kulsoom knows that even though she hates the situation she’s in right now, running away is not an option. Although, in retrospect, had she run away she would at least be out of Habibullah’s reach which is worrying me with each passing episode.

Tahira was trying to compensate by being overly nice and bringing Kulsoom her favourite food. Thank God our Kulchu isn’t a bottomless pit like most men in our dramas and she said out loud what hurt her the most about her predicament –Unhon ne apna karoobaar bachaya hai na? Apne rizq mein barkat laney ke liye mujhe qurbaan kardiya…

Bilal came to meet Nimmo since he knows she’s the only one who genuinely loves Kulsoom and will lend him an ear. Nimmo softened to his narrative and tried to convince Kulsoom of the same. Haroon Bhai has evolved into a Zalim shohar but only because he has orders from the higher ups to ensure Kulsoom has no contact with Billu. Nimmo yet again tried to speak up for Kulsoom- what was the logic behind having her live there when the condition was only for Bilal? Nimmo doesn’t trust Habibullah and doesn’t like the idea of Haroon Bhai trying to control Kulsoom either. At the same time, she’s smart enough to realize that pointing fingers at the Peer will not trigger any positive response so she shifts the focus on Haroon Bhai who is currently on everyone’s hit list including Bibi Sahiba.

Bibi’s plan to have Kulsoom meet Bilal backfires because Habibullah is thinking two steps ahead. Wali elevated Habibullah in the eyes of Bibi by mentioning how he’s committed to Bibi. Wali seems to be playing in both teams- will he be the one to bring forth the downfall of Habibullah?

Mohabbat har burai bardaasht karsakti hai lekin beizzatti bardaasht nahin karsakti…
Mein apni badkismati ke saath toh Jee sakti houn lekin apni beizzatti ke saath nahin…
Will Kulsoom realize Bilal is sincere? I somehow get the feeling that these two aren’t destined for a happy ending and I hope I’m wrong because that is definitely how I’d like things to end for these two.

One of my favourite things about this drama is the rich dialogues that I’m certain will stay with me for a very long time. One of my fellow viewers asked me last week about the writer and director and I feel I get so caught up in the drama, I fail to give credit where it’s due- kudos to Zafar Miraj for this brilliant piece of work and Kashif Nisar for such finesse with direction. Every actor has contributed to delivering a captivating performance and I really can’t help appreciating the work that is quite a few notches above the vast majority of dramas currently on air.

What’s your take on this latest episode? What’s Wali’s next move?

Kanwal Murtaza


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