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Teri Chah Mein Episode 16 Review – Sins Of The ….Mother?

You know what I felt was refreshingly different about today’s episode and the direction the drama has taken now? A wife not staying in the stupor like denial that her husband does not care for her anymore and reduce herself to a screaming, scheming shrew. Granted, Mehwish had become like that for a while but she seems to have snapped out of that state when faced with watching Zara take a decision which she felt would ruin her life. It was a relief to be spared from watching biwi number one battle with biwi number two over who shall feed the miyan, iron his clothes, have his attention etc!

Mehwish seemed to forget her own marital troubles while she worries about Zara. She feels this is happening due to her own ‘sins’. Marrying Faisal was definitely not a sin so I am not sure where she is coming from but well, bottom line Mehwish feels she is to blame. Faisal’s verbal diarrhea when he tells Mehwish about his own guilt over Zara and his reasons for continuing to live in this house further squash out any glimmer of hope Mehwish may have nurtured. After Faisal walks out and Mehwish is seething, I was surprised to see that her anger was not directed at how to exact her revenge but to prevent Zara from making the mistake she herself had made.


Zara seems to gain immense joy and satisfaction by throwing her mother and Faisal’s arguments back in their face. She is adamant that she will not back down from her decision to marry Faizan. Mehwish then reaches out to the one person who she knows Zara can not refuse. Although surprised and angry to have to even hear from Mehwish ever again, Chacha steps up and shows up at Mehwish’s house to ‘save’ Zara.

Meanwhile, Amber and Faisal are happy in their bubble and with the news of Amber’s pregnancy. Waisay what was all that scene in the mall about? Which mother lets a random stranger pick up her child like that? Cringeworthy and weird! It is really odd how Faisal lets out these streams of confessions of love and how his past was all a mistake, a bad dream, blah blah and Amber is everything for him now. Makes me wonder at Amber’s mental state too that she does not question how reliable can this man be who, ah well – we all know what he has done. Not saying what he has done is right or wrong but it definitely does not land him high up on the reliability spectrum!


Zara’s thoughts when Mehwish has taken ill gave me goosebumps. Mehwish threatens to kill herself and Zara calmly tells her to go ahead. Mehwish collapses and Zara says it is not her love rather her ‘anna’ that is making her react this way. I do have to say it makes me laugh how flippantly and matter of factly Zara drops snippets of information here and there. The way she told Faisal’s parents that he had remarried and moved out leaving them shocked was funny. I have never been a fan of Saboor Ali but she has acted so well and done full justice to Zara’s character. Her body language when she speaks to Mehwish and when she speaks to her Chacha, where you can sense her struggle of wanting to stand firm to her decision but at the same time not wanting to hurt her uncle. Her expressions making you wonder whether she even cares for Faizan at all or he is just part of her plan to get back at her mother. Amber’s character and Faryal Mehmood stand out like a sore thumb and the lesser her scenes the better I feel. I am glad she has moved out so the focus is now back on Zara and Mehwish.

Next week’s preview shows Mehwish is seriously unwell and I am honestly curious to see what change, if any, that may bring in Zara and Faisal. A story that started off so dramatically and then seemed to go a bit down the all too predictable and boring route of two wives seems to have picked up pace again and has me looking forward to the next episode. What did you all think of this episode? Would love to hear your thoughts.

Kunwal Javid

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