Dumpukht- Atish-e-Ishq Episode 20


Ab unkey hokum ko maan na mujh pe wajib hai… hamarey hukum ke Samney kisi ke hukum Ki haisiyat hai??? Haroon is being tossed back and forth like a ping pong ball. On one hand, he has strict instructions to maintain a distance from Kulsoom and remain in her ghulaami and on the other he’s expected to keep her in check.

Haroon toh khud ek qaidi hai.. Kulsoom wants to leave and go to her parents home but her family is far too busy milking her newfound darjaat to care about her wants. Nimmo tries to get her to understand that the only way out is through Bilal who’s even willing to go through with murder to free Kulsoom but Kulsoom understands that Haroon is being played and it’s Habibullah who’s manipulating the entire situation..

Tumse Maine kaha tha ke tumhari haisiyat badal gayi hai…Ussey ziada haisiyat do gi toh woh shohar ban jaye ga tumhara… Habibullah constantly reminds Kulsoom to maintain a safe distance from Haroon as he wants her only to himself. Kulsoom knows that Habibullah has made many very bold attempts yet a part of her is still confused and shocked that he could possibly think on those lines. Jin darjaat pe aap mujhe bhethana chahte hein, mein unkey qabil nahin…

There must be a special place reserved in hell for men like Habibullah. Hum inn pardon ke beech aam se logon Ki tarhan rehsakte hein… He has no reservations about violating Kulsoom while pretending to be a man of honour in front of the world. Mujhe ye sar ek baar Phir apney kaandhey pe chahiye... Habibullah thinks that he can relive his youth and fulfil his romantic fantasies through Kulsoom as she unfortunately happens to be a dead ringer of his ex- a woman he had to leave for the sake of his legacy.

Sensing the slightest tinge of rebellion, he warns Kulsoom that any commotion would result in her finding herself at his complete mercy. Mein sabse ka houn ga ke roohani bemaar hai, Saaya hai… issey ilaaj Ki zaroorat hai… pardon mein chilla hoga, Jahan sirf tum hogi, mein honga, kisi Aur ko aney Ki ijaazat nahin hogi… I’ve seen this in dramas before that corrupt peers exploit women so effortlessly that their own families hand them over for treatment. Does no one reflect for a moment of what sort of treatment takes place behind closed doors when a man and woman are left in seclusion?

Bibi is clearly no longer in control as Habibullah enforced his decision and informed her that he won’t allow anyone to go against his wishes. I’m left wondering if Bibi knew about his ex, had she never come across a photograph? In the earlier episodes, Habibullah would be stalking her profile and even speaking with her and Bibi seemed fully aware yet it’s hard to imagine Bibi never knew that Kulsoom looks like Habibullah’s ex? And if she did, why would Bibi want a reminder of his past in their present? Is Bibi still messing with him ?

Next week’s promo will send some more shockwaves rippling through. Who will save Kulsoom? Will Tahira figure out how her daughter is being victimized? Does she even care?

Kanwal Murtaza


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