Juggan Kazim’s online portal for Desi Mothers

Juggan Kazim is an actress, model and television host. She has worked in numerous Pakistani and Canadian films and is all set to inspire and help all the mothers out there with her online portal for mothers named “MOM MATTERS”. It is for all the mothers who encounter problems while raising children.The website has been launched and is already sending some good vibes. It is no doubt the perfect platform for the mothers and would be mothers!

While talking to HIP, Juggan revealed her inspiration behind this platform:

“I am now in my third trimester, and when I started looking for stuff online regarding pregnancy, I only came across gora stuff. There was nothing Eastern or even Middle Eastern. I found nothing desi’s can relate to and decided to collaborate with Adnan Butt to create something for our own women”.

Giving HIP more details on the portal, she said:

“It is an information giving endeavor, from expectant to non-expectant mothers. It will feature recipes for prenatal care as well as recipes for baby food, and how you can baby proof your house the desi style”.

Sharing more on the portal, Kazim said, “The forum just won’t focus on infants but will also talk about the pre-puberty stages of a child. This platform is very important for me because I am a mother myself and I want to empower women. Through this forum, we are giving every mother their basic right to information”, she concluded.

Don’t forget to visit her website: http://mommatters.com/

Rimsha Butt

Rimsha Butt