Dumpukht- Atish-e-Ishq Episode 22 & 23 Review- The mind games continue

Tum inn dono Kutto ke beech mein haddi bankey kyun reh rahi ho… Habibullah has made his interest in Kulsoom a matter of great pride and expects Kulsoom will throw herself at him. Kulsoom saw her mother’s cold reaction and understood that it’s futile to expect her mother to change and tried to get Haroon to feel the connection she has with him due to their marriage. Habibullah is now trying to get Kuksoom to understand that her relationship with Haroon is a sin as she never gave her consent at the time of the nikah. He’s trying to nullify the sanctity of marriage but Kulsoom put forth her conditions- she would only opt out of this marriage if Haroon were to divorce her. Kulsoom is beginning to realize that Habibullah is a master manipulator and he wouldn’t order Haroon to divorce Kulsoom because he would have no reason to keep her in his home if she were to get divorced.

Kulsoom tries to get Bibi on her side by declaring her desires to become a mother- she knows that Habibullah has ordered Haroon to maintain his distance but if Bibi were to say otherwise, Habibullah would have to give in. However, gone are the days when Bibi had a say in any matters- with her pregnancy, Bibi’s role has been reduced to the background and Habibullah has even started questioning her role in Bilal’s growing fearlessness.

I didn’t quite get why Habibullah wants to use Bilal to get rid of Haroon. I didn’t get why he orchestrated Nimmo’s meeting with Kulsoom when he knew Kulsoom would never consent to having Haroon murdered. She may not love him, but he’s her support system and she would rather have a relationship with her husband than out of wedlock. Kulsoom has matured overnight and has gotten a grip over her feelings- she knows Bilal is no longer an option and doesn’t want to continue being an object of Habibullah’s desires either.

Yeh Rishta toot toh sakta hai Magar bhulaya nahin Jaa sakta… Kulsoom continues holding her stance that come what may, she will not cross her boundaries as she hold marriage in the highest regard. With the help of Wali, Habibullah arranged to have Bilal attack Haroon but it didn’t reap the results he was hoping for although it did pave the way for him to completely sideline Bibi by holding her responsible for empowering Bilal. With Bibi against Kulsoom, it’s only a matter of time before Kulsoom gives in.

Tahira’s silence upon hearing Nimmo’s narrative goes to show that she’s fully aware that her daughter is being violated but for the sake of her izzat and prosperity, she chooses not to react. As a woman and mother, Tahira is a complete failure. Her lack of compassion and andha akeedah have pushed Kulsoom into the state she’s in. Meher Nigar is scared for her son’s life yet she rushed to warn Tahira of her conversation with Kulsoom.

I still don’t see how Habibullah will manage to neutralize Bibi to the extent of accepting his dusri shadi especially now that she’s going to give him an heir. Also, tarnishing Kulsoom in front of her is only going to make her want to get rid of Kulsoom ASAP. I don’t know if Bibi will be the one to end Habibullah’s games but I would really like to see him getting severely punished for everything he has done and managed to get away with.

Next week’s promo looks interesting but I’m sure it won’t be as straightforward as it seems. Many more twists await which is what keeps my interest intact. What about you?

Kanwal Murtaza


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