Dumpukht- Atish-e-Ishq Episode 25- The awakening…

Haroon’s realization of Kulsoom’s situation was definitely a big change but it remains to be seen whether this will ultimately be a game changer. For now, Habibullah has everyone exactly where he wants them- seeing only that which he wants them to see. Haroon is helpless is his own way- he has nothing to hold on to except his Peer. I couldn’t help empathize with Haroon for his lack of self awareness- it’s almost like he struggles to analyze even the most straightforward situations. What justifies Habibullah’s mistreatment of Kulsoom? What is the reasoning behind isolating her from her family? What does Haroon think Habibullah will achieve by putting Kulsoom through this hardship?

After everything Tahira has said and done, I find it very difficult to relate to her restlessness. She has forsaken her role as a mother for some sick ego massage by being associated as a true believer of her revered Peer’s family. Had she spent a fraction of her time and efforts caring about her family, her daughter wouldn’t be at the mercy of a twisted man like Habibullah. With Wali as his faithful sidekick, Habibullah knows he can get away with murder.

Bibi has her doubts but she seems to think of her husband as some pious being who is incapable of deceit. Knowing that he still maintained contact with his ex not too long ago, surely the thought of his betrayal might have crossed her mind on multiple occasions but somehow that chapter is long forgotten. I found it annoying to see how the servants were abusing Kulsoom- and even more so when Bibi was investigating her. Like seriously, if they hate her so much, why not let her go and ruin her life as they’ve already disowned her?

I think Bilal deserves more screen time than Wali and Kulsoom’s family. I wish they’d stop relegating him to the background. I missed Nimmo in this episode too. Noman Ejaz has been exceptional as Habibullah and I’ve been hating on him with all my heart. Kulsoom’s struggle seems so real thanks to Sonia Mishal’s brilliant acting. I’m curious to see how Kulsoom manages to escape- I hope she doesn’t sacrifice her life to save herself. Habibullah deserves a severe ending and I’m beginning to want something similar for Bibi- her biggest flaw is her stupidity at this point.

Looking forward to next week and hoping to see more of Billu!

Kanwal Murtaza


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