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This episode of Sang e Marmar has left me heavy-hearted, teary eyed & speechless. To be honest, this was for the first time that I wanted this episode to end quickly because I just couldn’t take everything that was being shown with so much of intensity & perfection as I felt that my heart would explode. All the expressions, all the emotions, each & every single detail was delivered with so much of perfection that it was actually heart-wrenching & so very realistic. What a family must be going through who lost so much in a split second was quite hard to imagine. This episode, like all the previous episodes was a masterpiece, in terms of writing, in terms of direction & in terms of acting. This episode definitely was the crux of the entire story. The way the director has brought all the viewers to this point, by giving us so much to form a connection with the characters, due to which we felt heart-broken at everything that we saw – for that he definitely deserves a standing ovation. The entire team of Sang e Marmar deserves a standing ovation for drawing all the viewers’ attention to it in such a way that at this stage we all are feeling heart-broken. Usually intense & serious dramas like Sang e Marmar are not my cup of tea but to be honest, I actually feel lucky that I am getting to watch & review a drama like this!

Thank you Team Sang e Marmar, thank you so much!!!

Torah Khan…finally this guy pulled the trigger & that too at such a moment when no one expected that to happen. Torah has always been one of those people who liked manipulating people into doing what he actually wanted & for that, he never really had to take matters in his hands, but this was for the first time, where he actually pulled the trigger himself. This goes to show how much hatred was brewing in Torah’s heart & how badly his ego was hurt. I know what Torah did was so not expected & is most definitely wrong, but somehow it makes him look justified because his character, since day one has been introduced to us as someone who is working towards his revenge. Torah hasn’t killed Safiullah over something so petty that he said to him a few days back, but he has actually done this as a result of constant insults, constant underestimation, betrayal, hatred that he, his mother & to some extent his sister has faced all their lives, all these years.

I love love love the way the character of Torah has been written by the writer, because throughout this episode, I couldn’t bring myself to see Torah the way I usually do, which is in a positive manner, but somehow I couldn’t hate him because his thought process has been made clear right from the beginning. I remember saying it in one of my previous reviews, so as a refresher as I will say it again, Torah’s character got shaped this way only because of what Gulistan Khan did, that too when he was 11 years old. An 11 year old boy saw his mother getting beaten to a point where she ended up losing her ability to move & then died in severe pain, so definitely what Torah did today was basically a reward Torah chose for Gulistan Khan for something that he did years & years ago!

Torah manipulated Safiullah to kill Saif ur Rehman & that wouldn’t have been possible without the help of Bulbul as well because even Bulbul has understood what Torah wants & he has understood that Torah is someone who will achieve what he has on his mind no matter what, that is why, Bulbul pushed Torah’s agenda & brainwashed Safiullah a little more against Saif ur Rehman. The time finally arrived when Saif ur Rehman had to face his fears & somehow he didn’t retaliate because even he was feeling unmotivated & defeated because of the guilt that was harboring inside him. Ever since Saif ur Rehman has gotten Shireen married to Safiullah, he never once felt at ease because he knew what he did was wrong & sadly it was his sister who was facing the consequences. The helplessness on Saif ur Rehman’s face actually made me shed a tear or two because he knew he failed, he failed at what he wanted to do, he failed as a brother as well & sadly, he surrendered. Even though Saif ur Rehman’s death was sad, but what made me even more upset was the fact that Saif ur Rehman couldn’t get to know who the girl was that used to meet Gohar. Sigh!

Gullalai’s death also came as a shock but somehow at that very moment, I felt that she would’ve died emotionally if she had found out that Safiullah was nomore, but yes, nevertheless, her death was sudden but tragic too. I liked the conversation Aurang had with her right before she died where she even apologized for letting her happiness get the better of her. I knew it, I just knew it that the last meeting of Safiullah & Gulllai was just too sweet but it had this feel of sadness attached to it, like it is something that I can’t explain in words, but that is the feeling I had when I saw that scene, because of which I kept on feeling that they will never get to see each other again & sadly, that is exactly what happened.

So, Aurang came with Gullalai’s dead-body & it was a shock for everyone. I know it will sound inappropriate but after such an intense scene, seeing Aurang getting beaten up by Gulistan, that too with Gullalai’s slippers was amusing. It was like Gulistan got a chance to use Gullalai’s death as an excuse to shed his frustration & anger at Aurang which he has felt all his life for him. Gulistan was never in favor of Gullalai going to the city to get medically treated & to see his rebellious son going against his wishes pushed him to such a level!

To be honest, my heart broke when I saw everyone waiting for Safiullah to arrive, so that he could make a decision about Gullalai’s funeral & burial but sadly, he didn’t live to do that. To see Torah Khan acting all normal & mingling with everyone made me feel how thick-skinned he was, where he just killed a man & was now acting to be all sympathetic towards his family. Gulistan unfortunately had to live another day where he saw another son of him losing his life by getting brutally murdered. Even though he tried to put up a facade but he broke down in front of the ladies of the family because even he couldn’t cope up with the fact that his family lost 2 members at the same day & probably at the same time too. Before learning the truth about Safiullah’s death, Sherbano didn’t leave an opportunity to spew venom against Gullalai, but she got defeated by karma because she also found out that she lost her brother too & if not Gullalai, she will be forced to do some mourning for Gullalai’s husband, Safiullah.

Saif ur Rehman also left a sister & a wife behind who would mourn his death. Everything that his wife said was actually true because Gulistan Khan guaranteed Saif ur Rehman’s life & Safiullah actually should have accepted that but it was Torah who manipulated Safiullah into believing that this guarantee didn’t apply on him as he wasn’t a part of the conversation. It was heart-breaking seeing Pari & Shireen mourning the death of Saif ur Rehman because now his death will haunt Pari for not coming clean with her husband & it will take a toll on Shireen because she will know that she has no one to return to.

This episode was the most intense episode of Sang e Marmar but it was directed with so much of perfection & detailing that nothing seemed out of place. Tiniest of details were taken care of like while shooting, Safiullah looked in front & then ended up looking at the floor, implying that Saif ur Rehman must’ve collapsed by then. The look on Safiullah’s face, where he couldn’t come to the conclusion why his trusted Torah Khan shot him was beautifully done too. I loved how all the scenes were short & to the point & we transitioned into a new scene quickly because a lot of detailing & explanation would’ve taken away the charm of the episode.

All the ladies; Sania Saeed, Kubra Khan, Uzma Hassan did a wonderful job. Another actor that deserves a special mention is Kaif Ghaznavi, she is a phenomenally natural & a flawless actor, like even though I know how negative & conniving she is, she made me forget everything & forced me to feel her pain of losing her husband, amazing amazing amazing! My heart broke when I saw Shameem grieving again, she was dealing with Gohar’s tragic death till date & now she lost her first born, Safiullah too, just a few expressions of Sania Saeed are enough to show what her character is going through & it is commendable. Noman Ejaz & Masroor Paras definitely did a wonderful job as always & Mikaal Zulfikar’s acting was amazing in this episode, where he depicted a heart-broken Aurang perfectly. Omair Rana’s acting was perfect as well & his character will be surely missed.

Now coming to the star of this episode, for me, for that split-second expression of helplessness on his face was Syed Tipu Sharif, he actually made me shed a tear at that moment whereas I usually can control my emotions but that look on his face just did the trick. Saif ur Rehman saw the death approach him but even though he didn’t feel like retaliating because he knew it was too late, he still wished Safiullah would let him go, that certain expression was a mix of so many different emotions that were running through Saif ur Rehman’s mind, sigh, absolutely brilliant! Thank you so much Team Sang e Marmar once again, the writer, the director & all the actors, thank you so much.

For some reason, I am unable to see the preview of the next episode because it hasn’t been uploaded, so I will appreciate if the readers do not discuss what is going to happen in the next episode in the comment section. Please share your thoughts about this intense & power-packed episode of Sang e Marmar.

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  • I am watching this drama a few years after it was broadcast, but always look forward to reading your reviews after each eposode. Thank you for posting.

    I completely agree with your thoughts on this episode. Showing three deaths in one episode would be tricky for any drama crew but the team of Sang e Mar Mar managed to do this so well. It was shown with such realism aided by the remarkable acting.

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