Dumpukht- Atish-e-Ishq Episode 9

Nimmo is fast becoming one of my favourite characters and the actress playing her is a complete natural. Nimmo dares to speak the truth as she sees it and she’s quite the visionary. Nimmo knows her limitations yet within her suffocating environment she knows how to enjoy herself- Dhamaal dalkey apni frustration nikalti hain aur depression durr Karti hain…

I really liked her showdown Nimmo had with Kaneez Baji who’s secretly envious of Kulchu for getting married to the man of her choice and furthermore frustrated that the rejection of the proposal from her sasuraal will mean things will get tough for her at home. The actress playing Kaneez Baji can’t act to save her life which is probably why Her words didn’t have much of an impact but Nimmo’s presence made up for that. Nimmo genuinely cares for Kulchu which is why she was annoyed at how Kulchu’s sister was turning out to be a replica of her awful mother- Kulchu thori bawlee hain… Circus ke bazigaron Ki tarhaan hain hum log…

Much of today’s episode focused on Habibullah’s inner conflict- he’s had to give up his dreams and now life seems to be mocking him by bringing him at crossroads. Kulchu has taken over his mind and seems to have found a permanent place in his thoughts. For the first time, there was a hint of rebellion when he was speaking with Bibi. Bibi is smart and caught on that she might be losing her grip but ends up dominating him and convincing him to partake in the engagement ceremony.

It was heart- breaking to see Meher Nigar will not be present as she’s not welcome at Kulchu’s home. Each time I see Tahira I get ticked off. This woman is so consumed with rage that she’s willing to degrade her daughter and treat her with such disregard. Women like Tahira are extremely poor role models and end up destroying the lives of those around them. Rabia’s conversation with her husband only proved that Tahira carries negativity even after all these years and can’t help but spew venom. Tahira’s false pride and beliefs are now coming into question- Itna andha iteqaad bhi toh the ek nahin hota!

This was yet another interesting episode that kept the momentum going and had some fantastic performances to its credit. The writing has been exceptional – Zafar Miraaj has not only written a beautiful script but equally powerful dialogues. The direction has been solid with each scene transitioning seamlessly into the next. I can’t wait to see how Habibullah will manipulate the situation in his favour- Mujhe Murshid Saeein Ki ankhon mein chor dikhaye deta hai…

What do you think of this recent episode? Thoughts, Comments, Emotional Outbursts?

Kanwal Murtaza


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