Teri Chai Mein – Ek Cup Meray Leeyay Bhi Please! – Episode 9

Mujhay yeh dekh kar khushi ho rahi hai keh meri beti ab samajhdar ho gayi hai, hoshyar ho gayi hai”. Wah, Chacha – you have no idea! Chacha has decided to take his wife and son Tahir and move out of the country for the ‘shame’ Faisal has brought upon them is too much to bear. He offers to take Zara along but she declines, citing exams and her university here as her reason but whether that is her topmost priority or the revenge plan she has hatched – we are none the wiser, and apparently neither is Chacha.

I have to say everyone in this play is quite infatuated with the idea of their own janazzah. Faisal’s parents ask him for the last time to choose between them or Mehwish and although he pleads with them to not compel him to make the choice – he chooses Mehwish with his father then announcing they do not need his ‘sahara for their janazzah’. Seeing a deep in thought and visibly upset Faisal, Mehwish announces that if he decides to leave her under pressure from his parents then he shall see her janazzah. Mehwish’s first husband and son have already had theirs. Seriously – enough!

So, with Faisal’s parents and brother out of the country, we are left with the happy (not) trio – Faisal,Mehwish and Zara. I wonder if this is the last we see of Faisal’s family or will they reappear later. Faisal seems to be developing a soft spot for Zara now and although he does not seem romantically inclined in the least (well for now) I am unable to fathom what he means when he keeps saying to Mehwish that ‘mera bhi haq hai Zara par’. Surely he does not mean as a stepdad?! I mean, yes technically that is their relationship now but – um, awkward!! He does seem to be taking indulging Zara a bit too far with the whole dress scenario and then the ice cream.

Mehwish feels something is amiss, rather something is up and instantly assumes the worst. She minces no words and wastes no time in making a scene when she accuses them. I could not believe she also slapped Zara and the accusations she flung at them. Her words along the lines of what possible reason can these two have to be spending any time together made Mehwish herself seem so small and ungraceful. Not judging Mehwish for her decision to marry Faisal here. I am just struggling to understand the character of this woman who seemed to be a much more likable woman – before she married Faisal! Her attitude and relationship with Zara is very abrupt and cold. She constantly whines to Faisal over how Zara treats her and I am glad when Faisal said to her that had she not looked at how she herself talks to Zara. Mehwish for me right now is the most interesting character in this play. A woman who seemed to be an independent, confident and mature lady is gradually turning into someone easily giving into insecurities and becoming a whining, jealous and not very admirable woman at this point.

Faisal on the other hand seems to be suddenly all there for the cousin that he barely said more than a hello to earlier. Zara feels that things are beginning to move along to her plan and that seemingly being her only purpose in life right now, satisfies her.

Bring on the ‘twist’ of the episode. Mehwish maa nahin ban sakti. I can not help it. I really wish the way everyone learns so much about each other with the constant eavesdropping, can everyone just somehow bring up their ages too? How old is Faisal? How old is Mehwish that she was much younger than her ex husband but much older than Faisal yet the mother of teenage (or older) children? How much older is Faisal than Zara? Aargh! So, when Faisal proposed marriage to an older woman who has older children – he was hoping to start a family of his own with her. Since Mehwish has lost the ‘sparkle’ in her eyes, is not ‘dressed up’ all the time and now can not bear an heir for Faisal – will she start seeming to be less desirable to him? I hope this is not the track this drama is taking now for it reminds me eerily of Adhoori Aurat(penned by the same writer) in a way but I have a feeling this is what may happen. I would love to be proven wrong though.

I have not watched Maria Wasti in a play for a long time so I am not sure whether she has always acted like this or whether I am finding it hard to distinguish between her and Mehwish but there is something missing here. Someone help me out please? Such a relief not to have Saboor Ali bawling her eyes out or intensely trying to damage her larynx. So far I like the pace of this drama and hope it does not begin to drag. I wonder if Faisal will confide in Zara and where that may lead. On a lighter note, not sure how well Zara will do on her exams for more than studying and scheming, she seems to be making endless cups of tea – and then some!! When Faisal came home early from work and called for Zara I thought – I bet he’s going to ask for a cup of tea again!

Still looking forward to next week’s episode and what further twists and turns and tantrums the next episode brings. How did you guys feel about this episode? Would love to hear your thoughts!

Kunwal Javid

Kunwal Javid