Dumpukht- Episode 3 & 4

The previous two episodes piqued my interests with intriguing and rather unexpected twists. Bilal’s return made Kulsoom’s heart flutter and before they knew it, these two were beginning to fall in love. But fate had something else in store for them. The lovers Kulchu and Billu were doomed before they had a chance due to the differences in their families and their outlook. Bilal became aggressive because he didn’t understand why Kulsoom was ready to dismiss him without letting him try. Kulsoom tried to make him understand that her family was considering a proposal for her. Bilal’s mother fears for her son and would rather he leave than deal with the heartache and disappointment that is destined for him.

In her confusion, Kulsoom went back to Bibi Sahiba and was assured everything would work out. Bibi Sahiba has a very unique equation with her husband Habibullah. The all-powerful peer is subdued by his wife. Furthermore, he loved someone else but had to marry her and she too harboured feelings for another. What circumstances led to their marriage remains a mystery but they both acknowledge each other’s sentiments without any seeming bitterness. Bibi Sahiba convinces Habibullah to use his influence over Kulsoom’s family to convince them to consider Bilal as a prospect for her.

We usually come across peers as negative characters in our dramas who take advantage of their status for their own selfish reasons. It is refreshing to see a conversation between Habibullah and his wife that revolved around Kulsoom. There’s much more to their story and it would be interesting to see how their stories shape up and eventually intertwine with Kulsoom and Bilal.

I have to say I’m extremely impressed with the actors Kulsoom and Bilal for their effortless portrayal of star crossed lovers. This drama has a very different feel to it that makes me curious to watch each new episode. I don’t know if it’ll remain interesting till the very end and I hope it doesn’t turn into a 30 plus episode soap styled saga. For now, I’m savouring every bit of it and hoping it doesn’t dwindle into nothingness.

Who else is watching? What are your thought? Predictions?

Kanwal Murtaza


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