Dumpukht – Atish-e-Ishq- Episode 27 Last Episode

I’ve enjoyed every single episode from start to end and I can’t help but appreciate this intelligent piece of work that stands out amongst a plethora of dramas most of which have far more resources and outreach. A big shout out to the channel A Plus for taking risks, the team- cast and crew for giving us such a high energy drama that kept me wanting more. The finale was immensely gratifying and had a sense of completion. Kulchu and Billu came full circle and their journey was one riddled with challenges and setbacks yet in the end, love conquered all.

Habibullah was a loose cannon and started exhibiting his uncontrollable desire to have Kulsoom- Haroon had a moment of realization after years of being brainwashed into worshipping his Peer. At first, I was surprised when Bilal seemed reluctant to pull the trigger but I think Bibi had to do the unthinkable to make peace with not just her ancestors but also herself and keep the faith of their believers alive.

The drama questioned the obvious but there are so many people out there who refuse to see the light. The peers are considered intermediaries and while deciding the fate of many, some of them deem themselves to be God! There were many instances that drew such mortifying comparisons yet I feel the subject was handled with maturity and the ending made sense of it all.

The friction between Kulsoom’s father and uncle was a clash of beliefs. Nimmo yet again proved to be wise beyond her years. Kulsoom’s parents realized their daughter was being exploited and only then did they understand how wrong they’d been all along.

Meher Nigar showed her mettle by empowering her son to free Kulsoom. Had things not played out the way they did, I would not have been satisfied with the ending. Haroon Bhai not only saved Kulsoom, he ended up saving Bibi too. I loved the last few minutes of the episode and even though I had waited a very long time, I was ecstatic to see Billu and Kulchu behave in the same manner that made me fall in love with their characters.

Dumpukht had some extraordinary dialogues to its credit that will forever be etched in my memory. Zafar Mairaj penned a well thought out script and kept it real. Kashif Nisar is a brilliant director who ensured the episodes were crisp and well paced. The promos never gave away the story (here’s looking at you Hum TV) and created just enough buzz to keep me hooked. Dumpukht was one of the most underrated dramas of the year and unfortunately non-commercial dramas especially those that don’t air on Hum TV or Ary never quite get the recognition they deserve.

What did you think of the journey? Did the ending feel complete? Thank you to those who shared their views on the weekly discussions and embraced this drama just as I did. You all made me look forward to discussing the episodes and kept me intrigued.

Kanwal Murtaza


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