Dushman e Jaan Episode 13 – 16 Story Review – The Committment

Ohkay so, these episodes of Dushman e Jaan had a few developments to their credit. In these episodes, it was shown how Hatim continued to help Ramsha’s family & as much as he wanted to draw a line, he just could not do that because he felt it would be too selfish of him. The main focus in these episodes was pretty much on Rubab’s wedding & how much she was willing to endure to please her father. The characters in this drama are really strong & they make you feel for them. They have dealt with so much pain but the best part about the execution of this drama is that the drama makers have not shown them weak or sympathy seeking characters, instead it has been shown how despite the toughest circumstances, they never lose hope.

Rubab’s Marriage & Events Related To It

After Hatim’s parents left, he was on his own. He tried connecting with his old friend, that too on her insistence but Hatim could not really find any reason to continue with it. Hatim can already see that she is emotionally invested in him but Hatim has grown so much as a person, that he really can not go back to his old ways. In such a short span of time, Hatim has matured & because he has experienced the difficulties of life by seeing Ramsha’s family experiences that he really is forced to reevaluate his purpose & priorities. Although the way Hatim’s character has evolved is very obvious & evident, there are these minute & intricate details as well which make it very interesting to read & understand him.

It was unfortunate that a lot of coverage was given to the character of Nighat, that too when she did not have anything new to say. All of her dialogues were very repetitive & her selfishness was cringe-worthy. She literally ruined Zaheer’s marital life & now due to her selfish reasons, wanted Rubab to put up with whatever she expected from her. I really wish I get to see Mohsin Gillani playing such a role where he too has a say in his household affairs because seeing him as an overly submissive & helpless husband is becoming repetitive. He always plays supporting roles but a little variety is always a good idea. It seems he walked from the sets of Jo Tu Chahay & is now playing the exact same role in Dushman e Jaan, with his dialogues being more or less the same as well.

The highlight of one of these episodes was when Ehsan lashed out on Nighat & showed her a picture of who her son Zaheer actually was; a coward with no backbone or brains of his own. Zaheer actually loved Rukhsana but to see him give up on the idea of saving his marriage also did not help in forming a good opinion about his character. As much as Nighat’s character is a demand of the script to portray the bitter truth of the society, seeing the men of the family taking charge of the situation would’ve been heaps better.

Dushman e Jaan Episode 13 - 16 Story Review - The Committment

Rukhsana did have her own issues but then, she was not the culprit in this situation. She was used to the idea of being independent & choosing things for herself based on her own decisions but unfortunately, Nighat’s interference & negative attitude did not allow Rukhsana to feel a part of this family. Abid too won’t get a clean chit from me because although Nighat was the bad cop in this entire situation, he too did not help much & in fact played a smaller role in drifting Rukhsana & Zaheer apart. It was definitely upto Nighat & Abid to welcome Rukhsana, overlook her shortcomings & make her feel a part of the family, so that she too could find a reason to respect them.

Ehsan’s Approach Could’ve Been Better

I really liked when Ehsan took a stand for Rubab against Nighat & told her off for slandering his daughters but unfortunately that’s where it stopped. I so wish that instead of realistically showing Ehsan as a helpless father, the drama makers had changed the scenario a bit. I was glad that Ehsan stood firm on his grounds & showed it to Rubab that he trusted her completely but only for the sake of his own face saving, he ended up making a wrong decision. It was brilliantly portrayed that he did not have a good feeling about this proposal but because he wanted to prove it to Nighat, he ended up making a mistake. If he had not succumbed to the pressures, that would’ve been him backing his words but he failed to do so. Siddique Sahab, despite being a good human being ended up looking too pushy that too with an entire regressive mindset where he could not look past the mishaps this family went through & kept on talking about all those painful memories as a hindrance in Rubab’s marriage.

Another thing which I did not really appreciate was the way Ehsan treated Hatim after he literally saved Rubab’s life. Yes, he has always been shown as such a father who wanted to get his daughters married but literally ignoring the favor Hatim did was a bit of a stretch. Anyways, this scenario became favorable for Rubab but she too had inhibitions. I felt a lot for her because she was actually ready to get exploited only because she did not want to disappoint her father. I wish after all that Ramsha went through, Ehsan had dealt with Rubab with a lot more care & should not have made it his sole purpose of life to get rid of her by marrying her off because it literally looked like that!

Hatim saved the day once again. He too made a rash decision but somehow he was satisfied with what he did. Another interesting aspect that’s left to be explored is the feelings Hatim has for Rubab. In some of the episodes, it was made obvious that Rubab has developed a liking for Hatim, because she saw him at his absolute best but what he feels for her is yet to be seen. Hatim for now is approaching this commitment as a responsibility & a promise made to Rubab as well as her father, but it will be good to see how he will slowly become emotionally & mentally invested in this relationship.

Well Executed Drama

These episodes of Dushman e Jaan were nicely executed. It still remains such a drama which makes you look forward to it every single day. I really don’t think the channel needed to show a misleading promo last week showing the truth getting exposed on Rubab because that scene was at the back of my mind & I was actually waiting for it. In any case, Dushman e Jaan has garnered a considerable viewership so there’s no need to rely on such tactics. It seems that the next set of episodes will focus on the Hatim Rubab relationship which I am definitely keen to see. So far, Dushman e Jaan remains a well executed & well written drama. I thoroughly enjoyed Dushman e Jaan & the way it showcased stronger people & their firmness in their decisions, this is why seeing Ehsan acting like a typical helpless character that we usually get to see was a bit disappointing. However, I am glad Rubab & Hatim got married as a result, so it’s water under the bridge now.

Mohib Mirza has been phenomenal as Hatim & he should be extremely proud of himself for carrying the drama on his shoulders. Madiha Imam and all the supporting actors are playing their part really well. When the drama began, I felt the actor playing the role of Rameez was a bit weak in acting but now I have grown to like him, his scenes are always very sweet & it’s nice to see him being such a considerate younger brother to Rubab. Please share your thoughts about these episodes of Dushman e Jaan.

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  • Thanks for the amazing review! I’m loving this drama and can’t tell you how I wait for its episodes! Hatim and Rubaab’s chemistry is looking fantastic, there’s still a lot of scope left in the story to explore, so far so good!

    • Thank you so much Sabr for reading the review. :) Yes, this drama is really very engaging. Hope it stays the same & ends on a strong note too. :) Really looking forward to Kashif Mehmood’s entry.

  • Perfectly summed up Zahra!!
    As much as I hate Nighat’s character, I love the lady’s acting. Her portrayal is so accurate.
    I completely agree, the way Ehsan reacted after Hatim came, wasn’t in line with his character. Last week, he was saying that logon ki parwaah na karo, agar tumhain lagta hai k tum theek ho, but now this? Nah!!
    I have to mention that actress playing Hatim’s gf in that scene where they are standing by the pool looked so pretty πŸ™ˆ and she really acts so good!
    The whole rukhsati scenario with OST in background was well executed. Now the story has moved into next phase and looking forward to it!
    The after rukhsati scenes, in the car and on the graveyard, I think that they were shot in daylight and to make it look like evening/night, they turned everything very ‘purple’, well it was a bit annoying but at least someone cares enough to do something about continuity issues.

    PS: Director, Amin Iqbal shared your review on facebook and thanked you. Did you know?

    • Thank you so much PP for your kind words & also for letting me know about the director sharing my review. Unka welcome. :)

      I will definitely have to agree that Saima Saleem has portrayed the character of Nighat to perfection. Her dialogue delivery is effortless but sadly, the character is so annoying that it makes it hard to tolerate Nighat. Oh yes, Mahrosh Rana is such a beautiful actress. I am so glad they decided to bring back all these fine actors who used to appear in different dramas back in the day like Tooba Siddique, Mahrosh Rana & Farah Tufail. I don’t know why but I somehow felt nostalgic because I have seen these faces in so many dramas in late 2000’s. Brought back all the good memories. :)

      Oh about the graveyard & car scene, honestly I ended up asking my husband if we changed the color setting of the TV by mistake because I was actually concerned about it. :D LOL! But nonetheless, so glad that Hatim & Rubab are married now, looking forward to the rest of the story. :)

  • Mashallah
    Perfect review
    Director amin iqbal ne bi apko thank you bola hai Facebook per apka review share kar k

  • You’ve written it well Zahra, I look forward to your reviews every week.

    This drama continues to be engaging and the pace is good too. Every week the story moves to a new scenario which has been good so far. Mohib Mirza and Madiha Imam have acted well. I think this drama was shot long back, as Madiha’s hair are long in this one, unlike her recent short hair. She looks more like the Madiha from Zakham than one from Muqaddar.

    The Nighat track seems to be quite redundant to me at the moment. The lady is really irritating with repetitive dialogues and always negative things to say. Although it was already understood that Hatim is going to marry Rubab, I still liked the way it was carried out and was waiting for this to happen since the drama began. I, however, didn’t like the fact that even after knowing the truth, Rubab’s father was ok with marrying her off to that man rather have her wedding called off when few episodes earlier he had told her daughter not to worry about what people think. Apart from that, I liked how the story is progressing forward and looking forward to see how Hatim and Rubab warm up to each other and develop a relationship.

    • Thank you so much Sheetal for your kindness & encouraging words always. :) I enjoy reading your comments too. Yes, this is what I have heard too that this drama was shot 2 years back but the channel didn’t release it. I am glad they decided to do that now because it surely is a must watch.

      I also really liked the way Hatim came as a knight in shining armour for Rubab & saved her, that too after she had developed some feelings for him. Ehsan’s reaction to this entire situation was so off-putting, why make such tall claims when you can’t back your words when the time comes. :/ Nighat’s character is very annoying & sadly she gets a lot of screentime as well. I am looking forward to Hatim & Rubab’s love story too. The title song now makes a lot more sense. :)

  • Great review Zahra your reviews are making this drama much more entertaining this week first two episodes were average but last two were great I’m waiting to see what will happen when Rubab finds out the truth Mohib Mirza is beyond exceptional as Hatim and Madiha’s acting was better in these episodes but I think she should wear less makeup she looks better that way. Waiting for next episodes and congrats for getting thanked by the director it proves that your reviews are awesome

    PS: Have you watched Bandhay Ek Dour Se? Whats your opinion do you think it will be great? I don’t trust geo they will ruin faiza iftikhar’s script.

    • Thank you so much Sami for appreciating the reviews. :) Yes, Mohib & Madiha have done a brilliant job, I still miss Tooba/Ramsha’s presence in the story, her character was so nice. Oh yes, Madiha should’ve kept the makeup for the post-marriage days, right now it seems unrealistic for her to be so dolled up that too when she is mourning the loss of her sister.

      Nahi, abbhi to I didn’t watch Bandhay Ek Dor se, I will watch it soon. I am sure Faiza Iftikhar has made this script very interesting, she always comes up with something unique in her dramas.

  • I am liking this drama. Fast paced, partly because 4 episodes are being aired a week. Story and acting of Mohib is gripping too.

  • Super review Zahra. this drama has really turned out to be pleasant surprise. Mohib Mirza has given an award winning performance. Madiha Imam as usual is gr8. And Irfan Khoosat is also very good. I got interested in this drama bcoz it was written by sarwat nazir, and its so well directed too, cant understand wat ARY were thinking that they didn’t show much interest in this one and released other dramas. Im really happy that its getting all the appreciation. Im not liking the side track of nighat and family, its really irritating, and her and zaheer’s role is very similar to the side track of kadeer and family in besharam.

    looking forwad to this one, I hope that the drama has a convincing and happy ending.

    • Thank you so much Tiger for sharing your thoughts & appreciating the review. :) Absolutely, Dushman e Jaan is deserves all the praises that it is getting because of how well it has been executed, written & directed. I am also not too sure why it was delayed but chalain, better late than never.

      I am also annoyed of Nighat’s track. Yes, there are some similarities but in Besharam, that family provided some comic relief like I enjoyed watching their antics, however in Dushman e Jaan, this side track is very annoying.

  • i was surprised when Rubab’s father said to Hatim after he saved them from a big fraud, even his uncle who came with the rishta was shocked, what Ehsaan said was so out of his character
    Zaheer has no backbone because if he did he would have followed his wife not stay to fight with his mother
    lovely review thanks

    • Thank you so much Shameem for reading the review & sharing your thoughts. I know, Zaheer likes to think of himself as a victim but he easily could’ve taken charge of the situation & maintained a balance between his mother & wife. I am glad I am not the only one who felt that way about Ehsan, his reaction was so unexpected & unconvincing. Also, aggar behave aisay karna tha to Hatim se background check karwanay ke liye kyu kaha? Plus the decision he took of getting Rubab married to him was so selfish of him too.

  • Really glad I started watching this drama. I would say it is direction at it’s best. Very well executed story.
    I agree with you regarding Ehsan’s response after finding real face of javaid, that was little unconvincing considering the strong person he is.. but can it be a hint to how he will respond after finding truth about Hatim? Will he let it go, to save Rubab’s marital life?
    I heard this drama was shot 2yrs back. It is a different story, acted and directed well. Really strange why was it left on shelf for so long? And now aired to cover the gap in new dramas created by lockdown, hence airing 4 times a week. I am glad we get to see 4 episodes back to back, not because it is boring but because it is so engaging.

    • Hi Atty, good to hear from you. :) Yes, I am not too sure what took them so long to release it but chalain, better late than never. I am glad they started airing it as a 9PM drama that too 4 times a week, it makes the drama watching experience even better.

      Yes, you have a point about Ehsan’s reaction but even if he’d later forgive Hatim, it will obviously also be because of all that he has done for their family. Javaid was a fraud Ehsan knew nothing about, this is why his reaction seemed a little irrational.

  • I couldn’t have put it better.
    Nighat is by far my least favourite character
    Btw what’s your opinion on zebaish?

    • Thank you so much Ayesha. I know, I can’t stand Nighat either. I hope the screentime she gets is reduced because she is a side character anyways with super regressive dialogues & mentality.

      Zebaish, honestly speaking I can’t believe such intelligent & experienced team came up with this. Bohat hi disappointing drama nikla. All the characters are intolerable.

  • Zahra Mirza is a bitch! Her reviews are rigged. Someone should fire her. Budhi Ghori Lal Lagam

    • You need to control your tongue..

      I wish review it team blocked this person for using such a bad language…

      • Thank you Fatima. Nai nai, aisay haters ko anay dena chahiye, they show their caliber & also help people understand what we reviewers have to put up with!

    • LOL! Oho app phir aa gaye, pehle bhi batameezi ki thi lekin abb to apni aukaat aur tarbiyat hi dikha di? I said it before, I will say that again…apne naam ka hi paas rakh liya karo, hater!

      • Such a looser you are brother. Is this the way to talk to someone? If you are not liking reviews, it’s fine. You can have constructive criticism but this foul language speaks itself your upbringing. Be respectful to everyone brother.